Meeting the challenges and opportunities of today’s multi-generational workforce

Welcome to a new, more complex people landscape

From the razor-sharp high school grad who’s entering their first job, to the hyper-experienced Baby Boomer with decades’ of professional wisdom, the diversity of work profiles on offer to today’s employers is vast and, to the unprepared, bewildering. It also presents a unique opportunity to those companies who manage it effectively.

For the first time, five distinct generations are present in the job market, each with their own world view, aptitudes, life experience, career vision and expectations of an employer.

HRExaminer Radio Hour

Program aired on October 28

Hear Fairsail CEO Adam Hale discuss the 17-70 research on HRExaminer Radio.
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HRExaminer is a regular radio show which covers thirty minutes of conversation about emerging ideas in HR and Recruiting with John Sumser and a guest. #HRX

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