Can’t we all just get along? Tips for managing the 17-70 workforce

As part of our research into the multi-generational workforce, we’re pleased to have hosted a webinar with HR guru and consultant, Robin Throckmorton which took place on November 10th. Robin is an expert on this topic and co-author of “Bridging the Generation Gap: How to Get Radio Babies, Boomers, Gen-xers, and Gen-yers to Work Together and Achieve More”.

With five distinct generations now working side-by-side in today’s organizations, the challenges facing HR leaders have never been greater. From Traditionalists to Gen Z, each group has a wealth of skills to offer, and each presents its own unique challenges. Watch the webinar on demand now and find out:

  • What expectations does each generation have of their employer?
  • How do different generations perceive work and work-life balance?
  • How does generational mix impact organizational culture?
  • What are the challenges of communicating with a multi-generational workforce?
  • How must organizations change to get the most from each generation?

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