The Tech HR100 2016 – shaping business strategy in the world’s fastest growing businesses

Our very human profession is transforming faster today than ever before.

Data-driven insights are more and more central to HR, helping to propel HR executives into a pivotal decision-making and influencing role in businesses of all sizes.

Forward looking businesses know that their future success is built on people. Not just keeping them happy and treating them fairly, but finding them, developing them, rewarding them and offering them a deeply satisfying and balanced workplace. Moreover, HR teams are working in an increasingly competitive recruitment and employment marketplace, peopled by talented, in-demand candidates with a tech-led approach to work and life.

High tech companies naturally have the greatest affinity and capability to embrace data insight and so we searched among their leadership teams to find the HR innovators, strategists and activists at the forefront of the tech HR revolution. We think we can all learn from what they know, what’s influencing them and what they aspire to achieve in tech-driven HR.

In these short features, we capture the headlines that these 100 tech HR reformers shared with us. It’s a fascinating insight into practices and approaches that are transforming our HR world into one of people science. Finding the balance between data and experience is key. Our execs tell their stories of what’s working for them and shine a light on the future of HR for us all.

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