A wake up call for people professionals in Financial Services

New FCA regulation changes the HR landscape: read our short ebook to discover exactly how it will impact you.

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From 17 to 70: what HR leaders really think of the 5-generation workforce

With daily news reports on the difficulties of managing five generations – according to Bloomberg, Millennial women are most likely to swear, and recently, analysts at Goldman Sachs declared that...

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Forbes magazine leadership feature spotlights Sage People HRMS

CEO Adam Hale and Sage’s Chief People Officer Sandra Campopiano predict the coming workplace revolution. It’s great to see our Chief Executive lining up with Sage’s Chief People Officer...

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Why your workforce isn’t working.
3,500 employees reveal the truth

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4 ways of leveraging automation in HR
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4 ways of leveraging automation in HR

Today’s workplace is changing. For the first time, the workforce is comprised of five different generations, all working side-by-side, with varying expectations. The contingent workforce is growing and becoming more diverse to include agencies, freelancers and gig workers. This is magnified by a culture of employee mobility, especially among millennials. Employees are increasingly seeing seamless

If you know your people better, you can drive your business further.

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HR to People

HR is rapidly evolving. From manual admin to automation, engagement to experience, gut feel to People Science.

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How bots and AI are shaping HR
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How bots and artificial intelligence are transforming HR

‘Alexa, tell work I’m taking a day off next week.’ If you’re not one of the 11 million homes who’ve purchased an Amazon Echo device, Alexa is the personal AI assistant who acts as the Echo’s brain and voice. And people love her. She can do everything from play music, answer questions, deliver news and

Meeting the challenges
and opportunities
of today's

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Dreamforce attendees

Dreamforce 2017: The definitive survival guide

Dreamforce is the world’s largest software conference. Here’s 17 essential survival tips for attendees at Salesforce’s annual user event in San Francisco.

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Why you should treat employees like ‘internal customers’

Your people are the most important asset in any company – they can be the difference between success and failure. If you have happy, motivated, engaged and valued employees, that’s when the magic happens. They’ll do their most productive work, boosting company performance. Really, it’s a no brainer. Employees who are empowered and inspired will

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