Diversifying your workforce? You need to transform technology too

The way we work has changed. Today’s businesses are faced with the challenge that the composition of the workforce is diverse, and critical new skills may be unevenly distributed around global organizations.

Add to this that several recent reports tell us there is a conscious effort among organizations to actively recruit a more diverse workforce, realizing that this reflects well on the company brand.

As a result, businesses have to recognize that the management of the workforce will be different. However, when it comes to HR systems, we’ve found evidence that many businesses are still struggling, even with the basics. Some of the anecdotes we’ve heard paint an astonishing picture of many organizations’ inability to manage and scale a modern global workforce; here are a few real-life examples to back this up:

#1 One CEO submitted a form to change his bank account details three times and yet the up to date information still wasn’t showing in the system

#2 One HR system continues to pay people who have left the company but not some current employees (in this case, the payroll system is not linked to the HR system)

#3 In one company, employees find it easier to drive 20 miles to book their holiday on the system rather than log in remotely

#4 Organizations that can’t be sure exactly how many people they employ (there are a large number of these)

#5 In one company, employees need to know what half of 7.325 is in order to book holiday (7.325 hours defines a ‘working day’)

#6 In many organizations, employees are unable to update their personal details themselves but have to rely on the HR team to make changes

#7 One organization mislaid its external applications because it had no ability to store CVs in its HR system

#8 One company described its salary planning as “the mother of all spreadsheets”

#9 The poor HR professional whose roll out of the new people management system ranked as “the worst experience of their life”

#10 A dated HR system operating since 2001, which can’t be turned off as it is the same system that controls access to the building

#11 One HR team is unable to manage public holidays on a global basis as its system cannot recognize holidays in multiple countries

It’s really fantastic to see organizations evolving to hire more talent from different disciplines, genders, backgrounds, work patterns, and regions of the world. But at Sage People we would just say that if you’re going to transform your workforce, you might need to consider a system transformation to manage and develop your modern workforce too. Otherwise, organizations may find they really lack the technology to support ambition to change and diversify. Click to learn more.

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