13 questions to ask when upgrading your HR system

HR Technology

If you’ve reached the understanding that you need to move from your old, legacy HR system and upgrade to a modern HR system, how do you prioritize your requirements and get a clear picture of exactly what you need?

We’ve provided 13 questions to help you gain clarity over your requirements.

  1. Is it a fully integrated system built from the ground up?
  2. Does the system link with HR-related systems such as payroll and benefits?
  3. Is it based on a proven cloud platform that is robust and rapidly scalable?
  4. How secure is the system? Does it have the right security accreditations?
  5. Can the system be configured to address your unique requirements?
  6. How quickly are you able to get your employees live on the system?
  7. How much training will be required?
  8. Does the system hold all global employee records?
  9. Is it able to manage employees in multiple countries using different languages, currencies and regulations?
  10. Does it enable your employees to update their own personal details, including logging holiday requests?
  11. Does it feature tools for performance management?
  12. Does the system enable you to automate salary and resource planning?
  13. Will it provide real-time visibility of your data?

These are just some of the things to consider for your HR system requirements.

If you’re interested in exploring more about a cloud HRMS, why not read our whitepaper: “5 reasons why moving to a cloud HRMS will help your business”.

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