6 things I want to do at #HRTechConf


Next week I’m packing my bags alongside the rest of the HR tech community and heading to Las Vegas for the annual HR Technology Conference and Expo. Sage People is exhibiting which is exciting, but beyond that, I’ve started to put my list together of 6 things I want to do. Here goes…

1. Attend Andrew McAfee’s opening keynote “Making the Right Choices in the Second Machine Age.”

Andrew will explain why he believes the world today is at a major inflection point, one that brings with it great promise as well as plenty of thorny challenges and the need to make difficult choices. Drawing from his extensive research, he will examine why this new age has huge implications for both your work and workplace, including the way employers go about hiring and managing talent.

I’m excited about this session. We are at a pivotal point in how we all work. The customer experience is no longer the most important part of your business, the employee experience is because unless it is exceptional, you’ll lack the talent you need to support customers. Andrew’s session promises to talk about all these points. Looking forward to it.

2. Visit the Bellagio Fountains

After day one, I’m looking forward to visiting the Bellagio Fountains. It’s got to be done, after all if Brad Pitt and George Clooney did it.

3. Completing the one minute Modern Workforce survey

From traditional HR functions to workforce experience management, this survey seeks to help understand the changing role of people management in global organizations today. As you complete it, you’ll get real-time updates on what others in our community think.

 4. Attend Employee Engagement Is Broken. Let’s Fix It

On Friday October 10 at 9:15, I’m looking forward to the session with Autumn Manning, YouEarnedIt, Kara Chambers, The Motley Fool, Missy Sherburne, DonorsChoose.org and Philip Ziman, Bazaarvoice.

The session will cover why it’s time to fix employee engagement by understanding higher-level human needs beyond a paycheck. By better understanding these needs, you can implement effective employee engagement initiatives at your organization. These speakers will discuss the growing trend of employees choosing one company over another based on the need to make a difference and the ability to have an impact within their communities.

5. Visit the HR Tech Expo

Walking around expo halls can be daunting; after all there are more than 300 exhibiting companies. Here are my tips – allocate enough time to spend on the floor. Consider the hall a fountain of knowledge, you have leading providers under one roof so take some time this week, come up with a plan, prioritize who you want to and what you want to leave knowing. And of course, stop by the Sage People booth #1427 (sorry, couldn’t write this without plugging us!).

6. If you’re still reading…

I’ve had a few suggestions on what shows to go to at night – one of my colleagues votes Britney Spears, another suggested Mystère by Cirque du Soleil and then of course there is the live performance by Third Eye Blind at the House of Blues HRTechCon party. What are you planning in the evening? You can always join Sage People for a drink!

Wait - don't go!