Product showcase: 8 ways to improve workforce visibility with Sage People’s Liemba release

Mai-Po Wan
Published on 27th June 2017
2 min read

Here at Sage People, we’re excited to announce our next product release! The Liemba release provides you with improved visibility of your workforce, so that you can make smarter and quicker decisions. We’ve also enhanced the self-service experience, especially for managers who have to deal with performance and competency reviews.

Our product release notes provide more details, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Set up and manage cross-functional or project teams
  • Manage performance review approvals more easily
  • Enhancements to competency reviews
  • Pulse surveys (pilot)
  • Track employee interaction with internal comms
  • Android mobile app available for download

Set up and manage cross-functional teams

With the emergence of the contingent workforce, gig economy and matrix approach to managing teams, companies are having to set up teams that don’t usually work together in their normal organizational structures. This makes it more difficult for companies to manage and track team performance.

Sage People WX Cross functional teams

With Sage People, you can now set up and manage groups of people that don’t usually work together in the their day job, such as, cross functional or project teams. You might use this feature to manage a virtual team of employees and contingent workers (such as freelancers).

Managers have full visibility of these teams, and what’s more, you can take advantage of Sage People reporting capabilities to get group insights, just like you would with a standard team.

Manage performance reviews more easily

Managers are busy people who have to balance their own performance with managing their teams. The Liemba release reduces the administration burden on your managers, by improving how they review, sign off and approve performance reviews. This makes the overall review process easier and quicker for your managers and employees, so that they can spend more time focusing on meaningful conversations instead.

Enhancements to competency reviews

The Liemba release gives you the ability to create bulk competency assessments based on an individual’s profile. This is very useful if managers have numerous people performing a similar role or set of tasks, but might hold a different job. For example, you might want to do bulk competency assessments for every employee that is part of a business wide development group. In addition, managers can now see team member competency scores before they complete their own assessment, which helps them ensure team alignment.

Pulse surveys (pilot)

The Liemba release includes the pilot of pulse surveys, which is designed to improve communication and give employees the opportunity to provide quick and relevant feedback. Pulse surveys will give you the ability to have continuous conversations and make positive changes in a quick and iterative fashion. By acting quicker on employee feedback, this will help to improve engagement and productivity.

Ask questions and collect data in a quick and easy way, and use this for insightful analysis and reporting to inform business decisions. You can choose to anonymize responses, monitor completion and apply countless dimensions when analyzing the data.

This is a pilot for now, so that we can use valuable customer feedback to shape and polish this functionality before we make it available for wider use.

Track employee interaction with internal comms

Internal communication is an important tool for engagement, but you need to ensure that employees are engaging with the content. To help you manage this, the system now holds data on who has not viewed or scored an internal communication, or completed a survey. This gives you greater insights on employee interactions with internal comms, and identify patterns and actions for improving the impact of future internal communications.

Android mobile app available for download

During our last release, we were taking the Android app through it’s final paces, and we’re pleased to confirm that the Sage People mobile app is now available for general download via the Google Play Mobile App Store. In addition to the existing functionality and configuration that gives you mobile access to the things you need, any new functionality is also available in both Android and iOS apps.

With these enhancements, the Liemba release gives you more actionable insight into your people, and makes it easier for your managers to do the things they need. Contact us if you’d like to know more about how Sage People can help your business.

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