A festive season of highs at The Shard

An update from Sage People’s latest Regatta

We held our latest Regatta event at The Shard yesterday where delegates surveyed the London sunny skyline from a dazzling height – 309 metres to be exact. The venue was therefore an apt choice given the prevalent theme of the morning fell on HRMS supporting business growth and sending mid-size multinationals skywards.  

Our CMO, Paul Burrin, opened the day with an update from Sage People, having recently returned from HRTech Conference, where the team met with more than twenty leading analysts in the HR technology space. With more than 100 customers located in over 120 countries, it seems our message to fast-growing, rapidly diversifying multinationals in the mid-size market is resonating with customers and influencers alike. Paul even talked of one well-known analyst who high-fived Sage People’s founder and CTO, Colin Cooper as a reaction to the introduction of our new mobile strategy, introduced at HRTech.

Our Director of Customers for Life, Chris Rauch, followed Paul’s introduction by talking about some of the key challenges that organizations experiencing growth periods are likely to face, and how the automation of HR can remove the manual steps of recognition, onboarding, and team updates. Chris quoted one of our customers who had managed to set up salary planning for over 1,800 employees, and get the system to feed directly through to payroll – a vast shift from the previous “hell that was a spreadsheet”. Getting the right HR data to the right people in the organization was a topic that quickly seemed to resonate, with some audience members nodding enthusiastically to the suggestion of Sage People’s “answers at your fingertips” and the “death of days and weeks of preparing board packs.”

Next to take the floor was our keynote speaker, CIO Lance Fisher from SThree – a very good example of a high-growth company (with three businesses in one) ramping on an international scale. Lance talked a lot about big data, and the difference that intelligence from trending and search has made to competitiveness, and companies’ ability to predict client demand through data insight. A recruitment company, with nine million CVs to analyze across the business, it’s a pretty big challenge for Lance to face, but also a massive opportunity to see the technology deliver against this.

SThree applies the same principles to HR with the same being demanded of the Sage People HRMS. SThree is a rapidly growing company in a high churn industry; its HR system needs to analyze and create heat maps of retention and employee engagement across the business. Sage People, a “strategic partner” is key to this ambition to retain – and with its technology ticking cloud, mobile and Salesforce integration boxes, Lance talked about the partnership as being key to its growth journey. And, rolling out a HRMS across 42 countries within just 3-6 months, is quite some journey from an implementation point of view.

Lance’s advice to the HR leaders in the room? Regardless of technology, people and process are critical elements to successful implementation. As organizations grow, talent management and employee experience – including all facets of the employee journey from pre-boarding to the various touch points – become exponentially important. This was a key message that Lance drove home at today’s event.

Our Founder, Colin Cooper, reinforced this simplification from a user journey point of view: “We try to make our cloud the friendly cloud, making systems talk in the simplest way possible. Our key area of focus is in enabling our customers to see the fastest ROI and productivity in the shortest space of time.” Working with best in class partnerships such as Salesforce (Sage People is now one of the top three ISVs in EMEA) gives other crucial guarantees around data security – and it was great to hear Steve Garnett, Chairman of Salesforce Europe, verify this yesterday.

With the New Year just around the corner, the Sage People team is wasting no time in planning for future 2016 Regatta events, and we look forward to providing more details on those soon. If there’s a particular HR theme or topic you’d like to see featured in our event series, please feel free to contact us and share your thoughts.


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