Aligning Content Marketing with HR

Charlotte Nicol
Published on 16th December 2016
4 min read

Creative and engaging content is a cornerstone of modern marketing strategies, with a wide variety of industry leaders seeking to promote their company and its work through articles, videos and other media.

So why not use the same creative, carefully crafted approach when engaging prospective employees – and your existing workforce? Aligning content marketing strategies with HR goals and objectives can help you promote your business in a way that attracts and retains the best talent and shouts your achievements and vision from the rooftops.

Here we discuss some of the ways content marketing can help you recruit the best new staff – and build your reputation as a quality employer.

Start with a quality hub

In order for your content to be productive, you need a hub for both current and prospective employees to be directed to. Company blogs or dedicated sections of corporate websites can host the articles, videos and other content created, ensuring your audience is driven back to your website from promotional platforms like LinkedIn or Facebook.

Make sure the site is clearly laid out, easy to navigate and full of personality, appearing professional but also approachable and welcoming. Once you’ve established a good base, directing your target audience to your content will be much more achievable.

Power to the people

When designing your content plan, consider what a potential employee would want to know about working for your company. Benefits packages and job vacancies can be listed in a flash, but what could help set you apart from other job ads is a personal touch.

Ask existing staff to write testimonials about working for your company, encouraging an honest evaluation (savvy job hunters will see through false pieces). Ensure to include pictures of them on the job, detail their position and progress within the business, and give a real insight into the inner workings of the company.

This can help job candidates feel more confident in what you have to offer, as well as adding a much-needed human element to your content. You want the best staff – so celebrate the talent you already have.

Stay linked to LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a fantastic platform for promoting your content and your company. Don’t just use the social media site to drive your target audience to your content hub – make sure the company profile and the profiles of your employees are kept up to date, and give a clear picture of your business to prospective candidates looking for extra information.

It’s also important to handle enquiries efficiently. Ensure social media managers, or staff charged with updating and monitoring LinkedIn profiles, are equipped with the information they need about existing job vacancies or company information – or know who to call to get it. Replying promptly and professionally can only make you more appealing to job hunters.


Know your audience

That said, be sure to have a clear strategy on who your content is aimed at, and how to reach them. Facebook allows for targeted posts, and some companies, such as ride service Lyft, have separate social media pages to speak to customers and drivers separately.

Offering customizable email alerts or newsletters for different roles or departments within your company can make sure you reach the right people with your content, without spamming everyone else. Engage with people without overloading them with information.

Think outside the box

Go beyond articles and stock images. Using different media including video, infographics and even quizzes can help information spread from ten people to 10,000. Infographics can help breakdown important figures or factual information into an accessible form that can be used both to sell your business to potential staff, and communicate effectively with your existing workforce.

Brilliantly-crafted, original content also shows a passion for innovation that will appeal to job hunters – especially in creative industries, where it’s vital to show off your abilities.

It’s not just about attracting talent

Content marketing can also be used to keep your current staff engaged and motivated, by sharing important company news, department successes or introducing new employees. Large companies with many different departments can feel more integrated with regular updates on how each area of the business is performing, or what projects are in the pipeline.

Allow staff to submit questions that can then be answered and the subsequent knowledge shared; feature employees from different teams to help staff get to know each other across the business; and include informal interviews with management and senior staff that reveal their interests and passions away from work.

Creative content can help promote company messages in a way that’s engaging and entertaining for staff – an infographic detailing the year’s financial performance with headline figures will turn more heads than a dull financial report attached to a company-wide email.

Give employees a voice

A great way of making sure your content has the personal touch is by allowing staff to contribute. Beyond employee testimonials, offering staff a place to share their team’s successes, ambitions and working practices can boost morale and ensure a well-informed and engaged workforce.

Sharing these successes on social media also gives a corporate brand page more personality – video is great medium for this type of content, such as ‘day in the life’ videos taking the viewer inside the workings of a particular part of the company.

Glassdoor, the online company review and recruitment site offers an excellent way for employees to offer honest and public feedback and critiques of their employer, with the assurance of anonymity. Encouraging employees to have a voice through the use of such services, rather than stifling them, will more than likely result in positive reviews.

Time to get creative

Content marketing is all about promoting a company and its vision in and creative, engaging way – making it an ideal tool for communicating with and inspiring both existing staff and potential talent.

A clear content strategy published to a promotable, easy-to-navigate content hub, can add real personality to your branding and allow potential candidates special insight into your business in a way a job vacancy listing cannot.

And don’t forget your current employees – they deserve the same well-crafted communications as your customers and other audiences. After all, you want them to be as engaged and inspired as the people you’re hoping to hire.

Content marketing can help you achieve your HR goals, recruit the best talent and promote the benefits of working for your company. It’s time to get creative.





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