It’s vital that HR and People teams take steps to become GDPR ready.

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8 things HR leaders need to do to be GDPR ready

Organizations have until May to ensure they’re ready for GDPR. Here’s how HR and People teams can get started

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2018 HR tech trends

What’s coming up in HR tech in 2018? We spoke to sector leaders to get their thoughts

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Making the business case for Sage Business Cloud People

Discover the ROI savings the Sage Business Cloud People system can deliver to your business

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What skills will the workers of the future need to develop?
News Hub - Automation

What skills will the workers of the future need to develop?

Will robots take over our jobs or just make them better? Artificial intelligence, or rather as we like to think of it, augmented intelligence, is a hotly debated topic these days. People tend to fall into one camp or the other – but really it is somewhere in between. Naturally, as machine learning and artificial

4 ways of leveraging automation in HR
News Hub - Automation

4 ways of leveraging automation in HR

Today’s workplace is changing. For the first time, the workforce is comprised of five different generations, all working side-by-side, with varying expectations. The contingent workforce is growing and becoming more diverse to include agencies, freelancers and gig workers. This is magnified by a culture of employee mobility, especially among millennials. Employees are increasingly seeing seamless

Employees working together
News Hub - Automation

What is a People Company?

Are your people your most valuable asset? Many business leaders would say yes to this – but when it comes to the crunch, do they truly put the success of their people at the top of the list for company success, over everything else?

The rise of productivity tools and higher levels of integration
News Hub - Automation

Are so called productivity tools failing to increase productivity?

Productivity in the US remains weak. That’s according to the latest US labor productivity statistics. American workers are putting in more work for a lower output. The worker productivity rate is gauged by the output of goods and services produced for each hour worked. Robert Gordon of Northwestern University claims it is so slow because

News Hub - Automation

What’s on your HR holiday wish list?

As 2016 draws to a close, we can reflect on what has been an eventful year around the world, with lots of social and political change. And, with the New Year just around the corner, now is an opportune time to think about what 2017 will bring in business and people terms.

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In just ten years, the Sage Business Cloud People system has grown from the seed of an idea into one of the most respected and progressive companies operating in the HRMS sector. We are proud of our history – and even more excited and enthusiastic about our prospects in the coming years.

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