A wake up call for people professionals in Financial Services

New FCA regulation changes the HR landscape: read our short ebook to discover exactly how it will impact you.

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From 17 to 70: what HR leaders really think of the 5-generation workforce

With daily news reports on the difficulties of managing five generations – according to Bloomberg, Millennial women are most likely to swear, and recently, analysts at Goldman Sachs declared that...

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Forbes magazine leadership feature spotlights Sage People HRMS

CEO Adam Hale and Sage’s Chief People Officer Sandra Campopiano predict the coming workplace revolution. It’s great to see our Chief Executive lining up with Sage’s Chief People Officer...

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Why a cloud HR system is a no-brainer

Why a cloud HR system is a no-brainer

Some things are no-brainers. And when it comes to choosing new HR software – cloud is one of them. Cloud is revolutionizing the traditional HR function, enabling HR managers to become people-focused, and allowing them to design great workforce experiences for their people. Nearly 40% of businesses have moved their core applications to the cloud

5 people analytics HR teams should collect

5 people analytics HR teams should be collecting

Your people are your most vital asset, so collecting data about them is a smart business move. But collating statistics on your staff isn’t enough. People Science is emerging as a new focus for business leaders, as organizations start to go beyond simple HR metrics and apply data science to their people analytics, to increase

A Sage People team member sets up a demo

7 takeaways from the CIPD HR Software Show 2017

The Sage People team were out in force, there were goodies galore, and we even spied a few robots. It can only mean one thing: the CIPD’s annual HR Software Show. We roundup of some of the biggest themes discussed this year.

6 ways to drive engagement with HR analytics

6 Ways to Drive Engagement with HR Analytics

Engaged employees care about their work and their company. They don’t just work for a paycheck, or for the next promotion, but strive to achieve their company’s goals. Engaged employees truly believe in their organization, they want to make things better and ‘go the extra mile’. Indeed, engaged employees lead to better business outcomes. According

5 Trends driving the growth of people science

5 Trends Driving the Growth of People Science

People science or people analytics is 2017’s “must have” for businesses. Driven by the widespread adoption of Cloud HR systems, companies are investing heavily in programs to use data for all aspects of workforce planning, talent management and operational improvement. As more data becomes available, the work of people analytics teams will become central to

Who's Who in People Analytics

Who’s Who in People Science

In an increasingly competitive world, people science is revolutionizing the way companies do people and business management. 2016 was an important year as more companies adopted the technology and there is no evidence of this slowing down. Because talent has never been more critical to business performance, people analytics will shift from a “nice to

People analytics - 11 metrics that matter

People Analytics – 11 Metrics that Matter

People analytics is increasingly becoming the ‘norm’ in HR departments. Done well, and it can help improve recruitment, increase staff retention and enhance employee engagement resulting in a better run organization and ultimately a more successful business. But the success of people analytics is dependent on the data measured, so how do HR departments decide

7 Key essentials for your People Analytics Strategy

7 Key Essentials for your People Analytics Strategy

People analytics, the analysis of large sets of people data, to make better management and business decisions for an organization, is going to be big in 2017. Josh Bersin, people analytics expert and founder of Bersin by Deloitte believes that in 2017 analytics is no longer a “nice to have”, but is mandatory for high-performing

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