It’s vital that HR and People teams take steps to become GDPR ready.

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8 things HR leaders need to do to be GDPR ready

Organizations have until May to ensure they’re ready for GDPR. Here’s how HR and People teams can get started

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2018 HR tech trends

What’s coming up in HR tech in 2018? We spoke to sector leaders to get their thoughts

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Making the business case for Sage Business Cloud People

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News Hub - Workforce Visibility

How could blockchain technology impact HR?
News Hub - Workforce Visibility

How could blockchain technology impact HR?

Blockchain is to the exchange of data what the internet was to the exchange of information. It won’t perform open-heart surgery or read minds, but it will revolutionize how we do business – including how we manage and engage people. Blockchain is most commonly known for the transfer of the electronic currency, bitcoins, but it

HR - Want a seat at the top table?
News Hub - Workforce Visibility

HR and People leaders: Want a seat at the top table? Here’s how to get it.

The people in a company are its most valuable asset. Fast-growth companies are realizing that their people are vital to their growth and, as a result, think about how their company designs great workforce experiences for their people. These People Companies, as we call them, put the wellbeing of their staff first. They create meaningful

5 people analytics HR teams should collect
News Hub - Workforce Visibility

5 people analytics HR teams should be collecting

Your people are your most vital asset, so collecting data about them is a smart business move. But collating statistics on your staff isn’t enough. People Science is emerging as a new focus for business leaders, as organizations start to go beyond simple HR metrics and apply data science to their people analytics, to increase

Multi generational workforce
News Hub - Workforce Visibility

Five ways to manage a multi-generational workforce

With employees increasingly working well beyond 70 and school leavers entering the workforce, companies are facing a new challenge – how to manage five generations of workers, with very different characteristics. For the first time, in one workplace we have: Traditionalists who might have climbed the corporate ladder in the same organization for their entire

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In just ten years, the Sage Business Cloud People system has grown from the seed of an idea into one of the most respected and progressive companies operating in the HRMS sector. We are proud of our history – and even more excited and enthusiastic about our prospects in the coming years.

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6 steps to GDPR-readiness

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