Do you manage your people as carefully as your money? – Webinar

John McNamara
Last updated on 27th October 2017
1 min read

What if companies managed their people as carefully as they manage their money?

People are an organization’s biggest asset for growth – and we’re in the midst of a war for talent. Executives need to take human capital management as seriously as they do financial.

Join us on Thursday August 10 for a live Harvard Business Review webinar to find out how.

Eric Garton – co-author of ‘Time, talent, energy: overcome organizational drag and unleash your team’s productive power’ – will set out his secrets to improving workforce visibility and applying financial management practices to your workforce, including how to measure, invest, monitor, and reward it.

He’ll explore:

  • How organizations can measure human capital, and recognize high-fliers
  • How to invest in human capital like financial capital
  • Why and how human capital results need to be monitored and scrutinized in the same way as financial results
  • Tips for rewarding good management of talent

By the end of this webinar, participants will come away with tips for setting a clear human capital management strategy, and a clear understanding of the inexorable benefits of doing so. As a result, they’ll be able to begin putting steps in place for getting the best from their people immediately.

Executives are highly-regarded for effective financial management, but today’s top business leaders need to be equally successful at effective workforce management. Register for the webinar now to get started.

Register for ‘Managing people as carefully as money’ now.


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