Dreamforce 2019: The definitive survival guide

Jess Fuhl
Published on 12th November 2019
5 min read

Dreamforce is the world’s largest – and coolest – software conference. Here’s our 16 essential survival tips for attendees.

170,000 attendees; over 13 million people joining online; and more than 2,700 sessions. It can only be one thing – the world’s largest software conference: Dreamforce.

Dreamforce is, in host Salesforce’s words, four high-energy days of learning, innovation, fun and giving back. Attendees will learn from industry visionaries, product experts and world-renowned speakers who can help transform businesses and careers.

Its busy, buzzing and – best of all – fun. But it’s also hectic and there’s a lot of people to hear from and meet.

Here’s our 16 essential tips for getting the most from Dreamforce.

1. Be a Dreamforce geek – revise beforehand

With the slickness we’ve come to expect from Salesforce, there’s a handful of short online learning modules on their Trailhead website for Dreamforce attendees. Learn more about the event, develop your agenda game plan, or get to know the campus in learning sessions that will take between 5-20 mins each.

2. Prep with a Dreamforce jet-pack

Be a Dreamforce pro by printing Salesforce’s website info with everything you need to know beforehand. With podcasts, maps, e-books and agendas, you can print a lot of content all off to read on the plane and land ready to go. It will also be a great conversation starter if you find yourself next to a fellow attendee on the plane (it’s never too early to network!)

If you’re less of a planner, then as a minimum it’s probably worth printing off Salesforce’s map of Dreamforce beforehand.

3. Avoid Monday morning queuing

Attendees can register for passes Monday or Tuesday. If you do it early on Monday, then you’ll miss the crowds and be able to suss out the campus before the event kicks off the next day. Check out the times and locations you can register on Dreamforce’s FAQ’s under the ‘At the event’ section.

4. Get ‘appy and plan your Dreamforce agenda beforehand

Use the Dreamforce app to line up your own personal agenda – and be ruthless with what and who you want to see. With sessions spread throughout San Francisco, you’ll need to allow yourself time for travelling. Don’t forget to get to keynote sessions early if you want to get inside within good time, as for many of them, you will have to go through security first.

Our favorite advice on planning an agenda comes from Salesforce’s Director of Admin Evangelism, Mike Gerholdt. He recommends splitting up sessions between co-workers for maximum exposure, and listing your knowledge gaps beforehand so you can prioritize sessions you’ll benefit from most.

5. Travelling between locations? Track shuttle busses

Dreamforce is putting on free shuttles between hotels and campus. You can download the full schedule online, or use the app to track them – just go to ‘shuttle maps’ under ‘more’ to see your shuttle’s location.

6. Network, network, network

Do it on the plane, when you’re queuing to get into sessions, travelling between locations, eating lunch, and checking in to your hotel. Dreamforce is a great opportunity to connect with business leaders from across the globe flying into the city. You never know what might come from it – just make sure you get the tone and timing right, and know when not to, too.

7. Come prepared with business cards

You’ll be surprised at the amount of people who don’t always bring business cards to events, or run out. With 170,000 other attendees, make sure you bring enough and always have them on you. (Although maybe not quite enough to give to all 170,000 other attendees…)

8. Save space for all the Dreamforce swag

You’ll be carrying around your bag all day – so only bring the essentials. You’ll want to make sure you save space for swag – of which there’ll be a lot at Dreamforce. Spare branded memory stick, anyone?

The one thing we’d recommend bringing that you might not have thought of? An umbrella. Trust us on this one.

9. Leave the laptop at the hotel

Although it’s tempting to be able to login throughout the day, carrying a laptop for over 12 hours as you travel across the city will be more hassle than its worth. You’ll also have to take it through security at some sessions – and alongside the fact the WiFi can be patchy with thousands of users trying to access it at the same time, we say stick with a tablet or phone.

10. Bring battery back up

Saying that, you’ll almost definitely need a spare battery or be able to top up your phone juice on the go with a portable charger. If you’ve got one, bring it along to ensure you don’t get 10%-battery-panic. If you’ll be using lots of data at the event then it might also be worth ensuring you can access your own WiFi too – either hot-spotting your phone, or bringing a dongle.

11. Ensure your own body battery doesn’t dip below 10%

In the words of Arianna Huffington, we all know what percentage our phone battery is at – but do we know how much charge we have left in ourselves? With four days of early starts and late nights, we’d echo advice from Salesforce – drink lots of water, make sure you get enough sleep, and try and eat healthily for maximum energy.

A stash of healthy snacks such as nuts will keep you topped up over the few days – and is a great conversation starter for people you may be queuing next to as well.

12. Plan ahead if you’re a foodie fan

Lunch is served at Dreamforce from 11, so if you want a few moments to enjoy it before it gets busy then we’d recommend sneaking out of your 10 o’clock session early to get there first. It might also avoid any awkward networking opportunities with a mouthful of food.

Most restaurants also get booked up ahead of Dreamforce, so if you want to eat out in the evenings – either book as far in advance as possible, or you might be better off getting something you can grab and go with.

13. Don’t miss out on the parties

With hundreds of parties to choose from, there’s a list of the top parties they think are worth knowing about the most. They don’t say ‘work hard, play hard’ for no reason.

14. Dress comfy

You’ve probably heard it a million times, but we’re going to say it again – you’ll do lots of walking so wear shoes you can get around in, and dress comfy. The official dress code is business casual, and Salesforce recommend layering in their handy blog on what to wear.

15. Build your profile online too

If you’re looking to connect with others at Dreamforce, start conversations or raise your profile, then make the most of online opportunities too. Tweet along using the hashtag #DF19, join any of the business area Dreamforce chatter groups, or even one of the many other options for Dreamforce attendees – from running lovers to photographers, there’s something for everyone.

16. Step outside your comfort zone

There are going to be tens, if not hundreds of sessions you’ll want to visit at Dreamforce, but one of our biggest pieces of advice is to not be afraid to step outside your sector. Whether you’re in development, sales, marketing or HR, there are some cracking sessions on the world of work that will really get you thinking.

It’s something we’re passionate about at Sage People – and something that will impact the entire workforce, not just the c-suite and your HR team. The world of work as we know it is changing, and companies need to get ahead.

There’s a list of events related to this in the Dreamforce agenda builder – why not check one out? You can also read more about how fast-growth companies (or People Companies as we call them), like Salesforce, are getting ahead.

Find out more about how the workforce is changing – download our research report ‘Why your workforce isn’t working‘ today. 



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