Why employee engagement should top your resolution list

2017 New Year Resolutions

The New Year is a great time for a fresh start – new projects, new targets and new strategies. When planning your goals for the coming year, it’s important to consider the impact on your employees – and how you can get them fully engaged and on board with company aspirations. Staff who are well-informed and care about the future of the company can in turn be more productive, making employee engagement critical to any business in 2017.

Here’s why employee engagement should be top of your New Year resolution list this year:

Knowledge is power
Employee engagement strategies should empower staff with enough knowledge about the company and its future to understand their place in the organization and what they contribute. Campaign US summarizes this in employees being able to answer three simple questions:

● What do clients pay my agency to do?
● What do I get paid to do?
● And, how do we/I do it better than anyone else?

Employers should communicate clearly with their teams about the future of their departments, company goals and how their work has an impact – with this knowledge, staff can seek inspiration and purpose from the bigger picture and ensure their work is driving the business forward.

Respect and reward
In addition to empowering your employees with the knowledge of company strategy and their role in it, you can further engage staff by ensuring that a job well done is always recognized. Rewarding employees who go above and beyond, or conquer a difficult task, helps them to feel their hard work is recognized and not just part of the daily grind. Employee-of-the-month schemes, or even just a weekly email outlining team or individual achievements, can help staff feel valued and appreciated.

More than just a 9-5
Engaged employees view their job not just as a way of paying the bills, but as the base of a fulfilling career. Workers who know exactly how their work impacts the company and see the results of their labor will work hard for the benefit of the business, not just for their own progression.

Employee engagement can encourage staff to truly care about the brand or project they are working on, which in turn boosts morale and productivity. Soon their work becomes an important aspect of their lives, not just a 9-5 grind.

Nurture loyalty
Engaged employees are loyal employees – and so it is vital to nurture that engagement. Staff who feel engaged, motivated and valued by their employer are less likely to seek other opportunities or quit a role.

Workers who feel part of something bigger than their individual roles will want to continue to work towards its progression and success, becoming productive and valuable employees for any business.

In summary, employee engagement can tackle demoralization, low productivity and negativity in the workplace – empowering staff to know their role and responsibilities, rewarding successes and encouraging loyalty. Companies that want to build – and retain – an engaged, productive workforce need to take the necessary steps to make employees truly feel an important part of the business, and understand how their day-to-day efforts lead to company success.

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