Sage People adds wellness and pulse survey functionality to deliver even greater workforce experiences

Charlotte Nicol
Published on 5th October 2016
2 min read

Sage People today announced new features enabling businesses to deliver even better workforce experiences. These include new ways to improve employee health and wellbeing through an integration with the corporate wellness platform from Fitbliss, and the ability to collect meaningful employee feedback through pulse surveys. This helps organizations create a more engaging and transparent workforce experience.

Improving employee satisfaction does not necessarily increase engagement or performance. Recognizing the opportunity to fill this gap, Sage People added these new capabilities to its existing workforce experience management functionality, improving how companies drive engagement, increase productivity and improve retention. Through these latest innovations, Sage People emerges as a clear leader in workforce experience management.

“Sage People is committed to introducing innovation that enables companies to create positive and rewarding work environments where people can do their best work in the growing digital economy. Key to fulfilling this is understanding what employees want from their employers, while helping companies deliver on these imperatives,” said Adam Hale, EVP of Sage People. “Helping employees stay healthy and improve work-life balance, while gathering feedback on the issues most important to them, adds to Sage People’s unique ability to deliver great workforce experiences, promote wellness and create work environments in which people are more fully engaged.”

Improving Health and Wellness

A challenging aspect of managing modern work life lies in managing personal health and corporate wellness. Some 80 percent of Americans work in jobs that require little to no physical activity, while a similar percentage find their jobs stressful. Helping people improve their health and lifestyles has significant benefits, with 70 percent fewer sick days reported for employees participating in wellness programs than those who opted out. Minimizing stress and sickness, reducing absenteeism and healthcare costs, and creating a sense of wellbeing can improve productivity throughout the business. To deliver on this need, Sage People has integrated its cloud-based human resource information system (HRIS) with the FitBliss corporate wellness platform to facilitate how companies build healthy and productive workforces.

“FitBliss believes an investment in wellness is an investment in culture, wellbeing and the overall employee experience. We are excited to bring wellness to the forefront of HCM alongside our partnership with Sage People,” said Navid Rastegar, FitBliss founder and CEO. “Together, our global clients can now access our integrated corporate wellness platform, which supports over 80 fitness apps and wearables, and engage employees in a simple, interactive and millennialized experience.”

Through FitBliss, Sage People helps its clients provide their teams with new and engaging ways to drive participation in wellness programs. For instance, employees can connect with colleagues based on similar interests in sports or other activities to improve health, wellness and productivity, while building internal connections. The result is an improved work/life balance that can lead to reduced personal and family insurance premiums and healthcare costs. At the same time, as benefit providers now monitor lifestyles of people being insured, this functionality helps companies document their wellness initiatives, driving down associated costs.

Understanding Employee Emotions

The other major development from Sage People involves facilitating how companies collect and measure the feedback and opinions of their teams. Given the importance of understanding employee feelings and experiences and how they drive emotions, behaviors, activities and engagement, Sage People sought to provide clients with greater insight into the minds of their employees.

Sage People now supports pulse and other types of surveys. By regularly deploying short, fast to complete pulse surveys, organizations can better understand the cause of people problems and improve engagement, productivity and retention much faster than deploying traditional employee satisfaction surveys. Businesses are also able to reduce the costs associated with poor productivity, unwanted attrition and the need to backfill key positions.



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