Five predictions about HR for 2017

5 predictions about HR for 2017

As we approach February having taken stock of what’s high up on the HR and people agenda in January, we look slightly further forward to consider what 2017 overall means for HR. Perhaps most notably is the advancement in technology and the information-rich culture which together are delivering more data than ever before about the modern workforce. But what else?
Here are five HR predictions that you may not have considered:

1. Focus on employee experience

Valued, rewarded employees are more likely to stay loyal – and so in 2017, analysis of how people feel at work and the overall employee experience within a company will have a renewed focus. Ensuring staff have the tools, time and support necessary for great performance will not only benefit current staff – it’ll make companies more appealing to new talent.

Social media and online platforms offer the chance for workers to share their experiences – warts and all – so managers will want to ensure it’s only great reviews they are receiving.

2. Cycles of feedback
The days of the annual performance review are numbered as millennials demand continual feedback on their work. Instead of a once yearly meeting about progress and performance, employee feedback will become a continual cycle, rewarding good work and troubleshooting areas of concern frequently.

Ongoing performance reviews help managers to bond more closely with their staff and deal with potential problems head on, instead of learning about them once a year after they could have festered for months.

3. There’s no I in team

HR strategy has traditionally focused on the individual, as have management strategies. But the coming year could see a rise in focusing on the team as a unit, and how they fit into the network of teams found within a company.

Shared goals, team-focused feedback and a focus on the importance of working together can help promote employee camaraderie, shared workloads and a change in focus from what each individual contributes, to what can be achieved as a unit.

4. HR meets VR
Technological advances are shaping the future of HR. Virtual reality technology will continue its rise in 2017, with more firms taking advantage of virtual connections that can bring together employees and different areas of the business without the need for travel.

Video conferencing and VR technology will make it easier for companies to deliver training, host meetings and boost communication.

5. The office goes mobile

As more and more people rely on their smartphones to organize their lives and stay connected with loved ones, demand for mobile access to work emails and other information has been rising.

Mobile working that allows employees to remotely access work files and complete tasks will help companies support staff seeking flexible schedules and allow people to be just as productive at home as they are in the office.
Ultimately, the world of HR is changing – new methods of working, powered by advances in technology, are developing a more flexible workforce and companies are investing more time and resource in employee wellbeing and reward. Companies need to keep a close eye on developments in HR to attract and keep the best talent in 2017 and beyond.

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