Forbes magazine leadership feature spotlights Sage People HRMS

Sandra Campopiano of Sage

CEO Adam Hale and Sage’s Chief People Officer Sandra Campopiano predict the coming workplace revolution.

It’s great to see our Chief Executive lining up with Sage’s Chief People Officer to show what technology insights can do for mid-sized companies facing HR challenges. 

In the wake of this month’s announcement that we’ve extended our partnership with Sage, the synergies between our organizations are clearer than ever. Sandra Campopiano, with her operational responsibility for leading the people function at Sage, highlights the demands of meeting the needs, expectations and interests of four generations of staff. She sees a substantial opportunity to create real value for employees through technology-led data insight.

Adam explained why it’s such a problem that organizations know so much less about their employees than their customers in these times of skill shortages. Visibility is key, and management teams can and should demand the same level of insight as they expect from other business functions. Advanced HRMS capability like Sage People’s is an obvious necessity for businesses that have long since embraced the business value of data analysis offered by Sage’s software.

Campopiano goes further, predicting that smart HR analytics will revolutionize the way we work: “I don’t think we’ve even tapped the potential.”

Find out more about her views on why HRMS information is the key to attracting and retaining great colleagues for life in a deeply personal way and how that fits with our vision of “flying on instruments” with system-driven human resource management, in the full Forbes article here.

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