How a lack of technology is hindering HR teams

With the post-recession economic upturn gathering pace, organisations are finding themselves back in the recruitment game. However, in this climate, with so many companies fighting to recruit and retain the finest talent, it can seem more like a war than a game.

Adam Hale, Sage People CEO, recently spoke to HR Grapevine and Real Business suggesting that those organisations that have the best strategy and the premium technology are going to win the majority of battles. Yet he warned that many will fall short because they aren’t prepared to a competitive level.

He goes on to explain just some of the shortcomings of organisations lacking a modern HR technology infrastructure including pointless attrition, recruitment mismanagement and wasteful HR administration. If these challenges sound familiar, read the full HR Grapevine and Real Business articles. Or to understand why you need to move from a legacy HR system, read our free whitepaper ‘The Snowdrops are Dying’.

Take IRIS Software as an example. In recognising the need to align the company culture with the general business shift from on-premise to the cloud, they replaced their aging HR system with Sage People. As a result, they have experienced a reduction in attrition by 15%, saved money on recruitment costs and retained vital institutional knowledge.

For too long during this recession, HR has become technology’s poor relation. The time has come for the department to play catch up.

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