How modern is your HR management system? Have your say in our global report

The workforce is changing: it’s now mobile, social, tech savvy, increasingly dispersed and contingent, and today’s technology means employees expect to work from anywhere. Most people – especially Millennials and Gen Z – are used to living with superfast broadband, cloud computing and self-service and they want to connect and engage with colleagues from all over the world, in a host of different ways.

However, today’s modern workforce often finds itself held back by incumbent HR systems that were designed for a slower-paced, stationary and more predictable world – and do little more than keep an incomplete record of paperwork. These inadequate systems are holding back HR departments and organizations through a lack of automation, poor integration, inflexible reporting, inefficient paper trails, error-prone spreadsheets and fragmented data. HR often isn’t seen as a priority by the business so it doesn’t benefit from the investment spent on sales systems for example.

But, outdated HR systems constrain the ability to recruit, manage, reward and retain the best talent to meet organizational goals. Does any of this ring true in your business?

Constant change and feedback from the market has prompted us to explore these issues amongst HR departments – and join forces with HR Grapevine to find out just how modern HR management systems are. For example, how easy is it for you to see a consistent and accurate view of all your global employees’ details? Do your employees have the ability to maintain their own personal details or do they rely on HR to do it for them? How visible is your modern workforce – and what are your key challenges with managing this era of change?

Help us, and the industry, to get a deeper understanding by answering; ‘How modern is your HR management system? We want to hear from you!

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