How to become a talent magnet through People Marketing

Paul Burrin
Last updated on 30th June 2017
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How to become a talent magnet through People Marketing

Creating a connection with candidates starts well before you even interview them.

Thanks to the global skills crisis, talent acquisition is fiercer than ever, and brands need to market themselves to potential employees just as they do to potential customers in order to win in the war for talent.

Candidates are individuals with needs, wants, thoughts and feelings – and they now consume jobs the same way they consume goods and services. Companies that want to recruit and retain the best talent need to embark on applying marketing techniques to recruitment. This is known as People Marketing.

Raising awareness of your employer brand and creating an emotional connection with potential recruits before they even apply for a position at your business are key parts of People Marketing.

Boost your employer brand

Jobseekers will do plenty of online research to see how your brand compares with your competitors.

According to jobs and recruiting website, Glassdoor, almost half (46%) of its members read company reviews before they even consider speaking to a recruiter or hiring manager from that company. You can improve your employer brand by responding to online reviews with considered answers that show you’re listening.

Candidates will also get a feel for the type of business that you are, and what it’s like to work there, by reading your company’s social media channels. So make sure these are maintained and reflect your company’s personality and culture.

People gauge a lot from a brand, and employees need to understand what their existing consumer brand perception is. Is your consumer brand messaging the same as your employer brand messaging? Ensure there are no conflicting messages.

Add personality to your careers page

Your company’s careers section is often the first port of call for job seekers so make sure it reflects your brand values, showcases your company culture, and has useful content for job seekers.

The main thing any job seeker wants to know is ‘what is it like to work at your company’. Engaging, honest and open content will really help a future recruit get a flavor of your business before they apply. Videos are great for this.

Build and maintain your talent networks
Creating a database of people you’ve already identified as talent is vital. They might have applied for a job and didn’t quite match what you wanted at the time, or been recommended by trusted contacts.

Smart companies build up a relationship with prospective employees, contractors or gig workers, and keep them informed about what they’re doing so when they are looking to hire, there’s already a good level of engagement.

Think about how you nurture your existing networks to maintain interest in the company. Can you adopt an email contact programme to keep them updated with what’s happening in the organization?

Your employees are also ready-made ambassadors who know your sector and your employer brand proposition, so incentivize them to put forward potential candidates. It’s a ready-made talent pool from which to fish.

Design great candidate experiences

All candidates will experience a range of communication from you during the recruitment process which can impact how they feel about the company. If you can establish a strong level of rapport, great candidate relationship management, and an emotional connection, it will pay dividends.

It is often easier to email candidates to confirm details prior to interview but picking up the phone to talk to a candidate shows that you care more. Taking the time to have that personal relationship, as opposed to just emailing them, goes a long way to building that emotional connection.

For most people, applying for a new job can signify that they share the values of that organization. If a jobseeker feels cared for and understood during the early stages of engaging with you, they will feel connected to your business and more likely to say yes to the position.

If you can establish an emotional connection to your brand through People Marketing, your business will become a magnet for talent acquisition and retention.

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