How to help your employees keep their New Year’s Resolutions

How to help your employees keey their new years resolutions

The New Year is seen by many as an opportunity to make positive life changes, whether that’s to adopt a healthier diet, quit smoking, drink less or go to the gym more. New Year’s resolutions are made each January, but many are broken before the month is through. As an employer, you can help to keep your staff on track and committed to the changes they’re making, ensuring they become a positive new habit instead of a brief New Year experiment. Here are some ways to help your employees keep their New Year resolutions, and maintain morale:

● Talk about them

As staff return to work after the seasonal break, take an interest in their goals and aims for the coming year, and ask if they’ve made any resolutions. Staff will appreciate the additional support in the workplace, especially if you make a note to see how they’re getting on at regular
You could even start a chart in the office to measure how many days employees have lasted so far – a great motivator for those trying to cut something out, like cigarettes or alcohol. Make it an opt-in system, though – it could have the reverse effect on morale on those who break their
own promise.

● Support healthier lifestyles
A common New Year resolution is to lose weight, or at least make an effort to eat a healthier diet and exercise regularly. Companies can make their staff feel valued and supported by
helping with these endeavors.
Benefits packages that offer discounted gym memberships or a bike-to-work scheme, for example, make it more affordable for workers to get fit – and simple gestures like providing fresh fruit in the kitchen or break room shows you care about employees’ health. Another emerging trend is that of corporate fitness boot camps. This is not only a great way to encourage employees to be more active, helping them to fit in healthy activities around working hours – but also an excellent team building exercise – encouraging staff from different departments to come together and support each other in working towards a mutual goal; getting fitter and healthier.

● Lead by example
There’s strength in numbers – managers that lead the charge with their own aspirations for the New Year can help encourage staff to do the same, widening the support network. Staff with
common resolutions, like being more organized, hitting deadlines and being more goal focused, should be encouraged by managers by sharing their own personal experiences and advice, and ensuring they are actively striving to achieve their own resolutions.

● Set some company resolutions too
The New Year is not only an opportunity to set personal goals, but to look at how the company can improve too. Troubleshoot common problems with staff and devise one or two company New Year resolutions – simple working changes employees can action with ease, to improve both productivity and their own at-work wellbeing.
New Year resolutions can be easily made and easily broken, but by ensuring staff have a positive support network, they can be encouraged to follow through with positive life changes. From benefits to simple office discussions, employers can show how much they value their workforce by taking an interest in New Year resolutions – and even achieve some of their own.

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