How to keep remote employees engaged in your company’s culture

Charlotte Nicol
Published on 9th March 2017
2 min read

The rise of flexible working, including working away from the office, means ensuring your remote workers feel valued as part of a team, and that HR software is in place to prevent them from feeling isolated, while maintaining the morale and wellbeing of staff, wherever they are.

Here are four ways to keep your remote workers engaged in company culture.

  1. Communicate, communicate, communicate

A consistent two-way flow of communication between you and your remote team members is vital to both getting the job done and ensuring workers are engaged and motivated. Schedule regular check ins, be prompt when replying to emails, or set up an instant chat system so remote employees can connect instantly, much as they would in an office. Not only does this help them to feel part of the team, it also means you are always accessible and this can help to avoid problems.

  1. Consider their needs

Don’t forget to include the input of remote staff when it comes to team strategy and decisions, just because they’re not physically in the office. This is especially important in virtual meetings where people that are not physically present can be inadvertently ignored. When this happens, remote workers can disengage, as they are not able to fully contribute to the meeting, and the business loses the benefit of their thoughts, opinions and contribution.

Ask remote staff if the current company work-styles helps or hinders their working day. If possible, invite them to the office for a one-on-one meeting to check in with their progress, or arrange a full team meeting to bring everyone together and give workers the chance to catch up in person (even better if you do this over coffee or lunch – socializing and team-building at the same time!).

  1. Provide continuous feedback

There’s a risk that remote employees, working in isolation, can feel unsupported and unsure of how much their efforts are appreciated by the company day-to-day. A consistent cycle of feedback, which praises great work while also offering feedback for future projects, is vital to ensure remote workers remain engaged and focused. Have faith that your remote staff can work independently and meet deadlines – but don’t neglect the pat on the back and public recognition for a job well done just because they’re not in the same room.

  1. Utilize technology wisely

The latest human resources software can make engaging and managing remote employees much easier. Allowing remote workers to access key company news, videos or presentations, or obtain important HR documents or updates on top company projects through a global cloud HRMS can ensure team members can remain informed and up to date with the most critical information wherever they are.

This also helps manage information overload, when employees can feel overwhelmed or lost in the day to day deluge of work related communications. Instant messaging systems, private chat forums and other social technology can also help keep you in touch with your employees, as well as bringing the whole team together. A group chat can help team members feel connected even if they don’t share an office.

Ensuring remote workers feel part of your corporate culture and that they are appreciated as part of the team is vital to maintain employee engagement and wellbeing. Invest the time to create great working experiences and make the extra effort to ensure your remote colleagues feel connected and valued by the company and that they truly feel part of your company no matter where they’re based.

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