How to successfully promote your company’s culture during the interview process

Your company’s culture is one of your strongest assets for attracting talented new candidates. Successfully promoting that culture in the interview process is important, and there are several key strategies applied by cutting-edge HR professionals.
Danielle Stull, a HR specialist at the American Marketing Association, described the process of how to present her company’s culture to candidates as beginning before the interview even starts.
The AMA’s Instagram account showcases the organization’s workspace, which is designed to offer a variety of working environments. Employees are able to choose a workspace where they feel they can be the most productive. Having a company HR presence on Instagram bolsters your contact with a wide range of potential candidates in a familiar space. Posting pictures of your workspace and from company events is a great way to introduce attractive aspects of your company culture before the candidate even comes in for an interview.
Danielle also described using Glassdoor as a venue to promote the AMA’s work culture, and said that they encourage all employees and candidates to leave feedback on Glassdoor about their experience as an employee or about their interview process.
When interviewing your candidate, describing your company’s core values and culture provides a baseline for the rest of the candidate’s interview experience. Danielle describes the values that drive her company to candidates, and discusses the mission of her organization. Asking the candidate to rank the core values of your company in order of how important those values are to them is a great way to both present your own culture and to get a sense of candidate’s personal values.
Demonstrating those values in action is more powerful than any description. Diligent applicants will want to interact with current employees; giving them that opportunity is an excellent way to showcase your corporate culture in action.
Talking to long time employees is an ideal way for the candidate to learn how your culture can help people grow and develop their potential.Veteran employees are able to show how your company has enabled them to succeed and interacting with a wide range of employees helps the candidate form a well-rounded idea of how your corporate culture will support and empower them.
Erik Episcopo, of Resume Genius, describes his company’s approach as involving at least one employee from each department in the interview process. This provides the candidate with a wide view of the company’s culture, and helps them get a good sense of the people they’ll be working with. 
Including a tour of your company’s work-space as part of the interview is a great way to demonstrate your company’s culture in action. Think about the little perks of your office space that improve the working experience of your employees. Great views? Variety of work-spaces? Now is the time to show them off. Most importantly, taking the candidate on a tour is a strong signal that you are proud of where you work. That kind of pride is a strong selling point.
Your company culture is a valuable asset. Take pride is promoting it during interviews by clearly describing the values that drive your company. Involve other employees in the interview process to give the candidate a well-rounded view of your company culture. Show the candidate your company’s workspace, both in person and through your presence on social media. You’re proud of where you work; make sure your candidate knows that they will be, too.


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