Analytics & HR: Stuck in Neutral? Take our Workforce Insights Survey to have your say

Today’s HR leaders understand that data-driven decisions can lead to better outcomes. Yet, as our recent research shows, many organizations are struggling with the basics when it comes to employee data, not to mention the use of workforce analytics to drive and understand their businesses.

Our initial survey of 250 HR leaders across a variety of businesses identified a distinct lack of consistent data or information relating to employees. In fact, a surprising number of organizations are running their HR systems on Excel. Our research also uncovered a real shortfall across organizations who don’t have the ability to produce reports, dashboards or management insights in real-time.

This suggested that a previously unrecognized malaise, Invisible Employee Syndrome, is affecting many UK organizations, with symptoms including inadequate workforce engagement, poor workforce communications, a lack of workforce insights and broken HR processes and systems.

But are we really that out of the picture when it comes to the data we need to gain visibility of our workforce in order to analyze and manage our employees?

A recent study by Deloitte describes HR’s uptake of analytics as “stuck in neutral”, with a capability shortfall in key technology issues such as analytics. It seems there is real room for improvement or catch up in this area.

So in conjunction with Expedite Consulting, we’re exploring this topic further, helping us build a fuller picture on how confident HR leaders and teams are with the evolving world of data analytics, and whether they need more expertise, training or better tools in this area.

Take our two-minute workforce insights survey and we will share the results with you as soon as we can.

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