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It was interesting to read the below tweet referencing a recent article by John Sumser regarding innovation around HR systems, in particular using as the underlying platform.

John notes, “with deep funding and an amazingly deep integration with, the firm (Lumesse) is building out a from scratch HR suite nested in the Salesforce Platform. They are going to start with Recruiting.”

John Sumser Tweet

An associated press release suggests that this new product should start to become available from next year.

Well, we would agree with John that we think Salesforce is a great platform to build on, and point out that Sage People was innovating in this way seven years ago. So it’s great to see others finally recognizing that this is a sound strategic decision.

Rather than just starting with one module (Recruiting), Sage People has a comprehensive HR system that was built from the ground up on the Salesforce platform and is now innovating further, improving productivity by becoming a system of engagement and delivering great workforce experiences.

Just as Salesforce is looking to drive customer success, so Sage People is driving workforce success. Ultimately company success is the combination of both!

So, not surprisingly perhaps, we completely agree with the timely response from Naomi Bloom:

Naomi Bloom Tweet

Thanks Naomi! We do!

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