HR Tech Summit Toronto 2019: Discover how progressive People Companies are using tech to get ahead

Carol Foote
Last updated on 5th November 2019
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Is your organization a People Company?

Just as Personnel evolved to become HR in the 1980s, HR is now transforming again to become a ‘People’ function. Forward-thinking HR leaders are getting ahead by focusing on people.

Yet, whereas our research surveying over 500 HR leaders found that 55% of senior executives think their company is people-orientated – only 29% of employees agreed.

Being a People Company is far more than a label. A true people-centric organization means recognizing that your employees are the reason your business is where it is today and that putting them first is vital to business success.

After all, the better an employee’s experience at work, the more engaged they are, the more productive they can be, and the more the business benefits. Sage People’s Ed Mortimer will be one of the speakers at this year’s HR Tech Summit Toronto, where he’ll be showcasing the value that technology brings in building great experiences that enable organizations to become successful People Companies.

Considering attending HR Tech Summit? We’ve pulled together all you need to know about the two-day event, and the three unmissable speakers we recommend catching, who will be talking about how technology can help organizations become more people-centric in the future world of work.

We’ll be at booth 11 in the expo hall throughout the event, where we’ll also be talking about everything People Companies and using technology to get ahead.

What is HR Tech Summit 2019?

With expert talks, actionable insights, unique networking opportunities with industry experts, the two-day event is an absolute must for any HR or People leader. You’ll join 1,500 other HR leaders and C-suite decision makers to debate and discuss the role of technology in transforming HR and People teams.

Why should I attend HR Tech Summit 2019?

It’s critical for HR and People leaders to understand the changing technological HR landscape – and this is the event to get you up to speed and be inspired for the future.

You’ll discover the latest HR technologies, business tools and strategies from globally recognized experts that will contribute to your organization’s bottom line and help further engage your employees.

With a busy two-day schedule, you’ll want to carefully curate your time at the summit. Here are our three must-see sessions to find out what becoming a People Company could really mean for your organization.

1. The changing face of HR: How progressive People Companies are using tech to get ahead, Ed Mortimer, Sage People (Tuesday June 18, 12:10pm)

HR is changing. Riding the wave of change are ‘People Companies’; organizations where people are the most valuable asset, and where company success is dependent on their workforce being successful.

Part of this evolution from HR to People means automating many of the traditional ways of working, enabling People teams to design great workforce experiences for all employees. Join the session to find out:

  • Why HR is changing to ‘People’ – what this means for HR professionals in the workplace, and why it’s important
  • How progressive People leaders and ‘People Companies’ are getting ahead
  • How HR professionals can adapt in this period of change, and who’s leading the way in best practice
  • The role technology and automation will play in this new world

Keen to find out more about People Companies ahead of the summit?  This blog on People Companies explains why it’s goodbye HR, and hello ‘People’.

2. The next big thing: emerging technology and the future of work, Josh Bersin, Industry Analyst and Founder of Bersin by Deloitte (Tuesday June 18, 8:45am)

Need to get up-to-speed on the latest HR and People tech trends? Then don’t miss the opening keynote from Josh Bersin.

It’s the must-session to catch at the event for everything you need to know about the HR tech sector right now, including handy facts and stats to take back to the day job about the shifting nature of the world of work.

In his research-based presentation, Bersin will describe the importance of new technology categories, hot trends, and top vendors in this space, giving you a whistle-stop tour overview of where the sector is at present and where it’s going.

Read more about Bersin’s thoughts on the productivity problem in our UNLEASH London 2019 blog.

3. The formula for engagement, Jennifer Johnston Di Loreto, Senior Director, Global Employer Branding at Salesforce (Tuesday June 18, 2:40pm)

78% of people believe that positive workforce experiences have a huge impact on their productivity, we found in our research. So, it’s no wonder organizations are starting to pivot to truly focus on building great experiences for their people.

Our strategic partner, Salesforce, certainly knows about driving engagement through building great experiences for employees – it’s currently number two on Fortune’s 100 Best Companies To Work For list.

In fact, they’ve been on the list for 11 years now. So, what do they do that makes them a great People Company?

In a word: ‘Ohana’. It means family in Hawaiian and Salesforce run their entire business by this one word. They strive for inclusivity across the entire organization, from employees to partners and beyond.

Their Senior Director of Global Employer Branding, Johnston Di Loreto, will explain how you can reach new levels of engagement with your employees using the building blocks of culture, technology and data.

Find out more about how Salesforce have built great experiences for their people in our blog about three companies that have nailed employer branding.

See you there

Ready to find out what value becoming a People Company can bring to your organization? Then check out the exclusive insights and network with HR experts and innovators at HR Tech Summit 2019.

Don’t forget to say hi – we’ll be talking about all things People Companies at booth 11 in the expo hall. So, if you have any questions before or after Ed Mortimer’s presentation, then head over for a chat.

Want to book a short demo of our global cloud HR and People system at the show? Let us know by sending us an email.


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