HR Tech World Amsterdam 2017: Catching unicorns, the Rebel Alliance and the future of machine learning

Charlotte Nicol
Published on 19th September 2017
3 min read

HR Tech World is back – and it looks set to be even bigger than ever. With over 12 stages, 150 sessions and brand-new speed conferencing, we’re already counting down the days to HRN’s largest ever show to date in Amsterdam.

The event follows HR Tech World in San Francisco earlier this year, where we blogged about the rise of the Chief Heart Officer, and why it’s all about experiences.

But what can attendees expect from the next show on October 24-25 in Amsterdam?

Well, firstly, as usual from HRN, there’s a stellar line up of keynote speakers at the event.

Founder and former Editor-in-Chief of Huffington Post, Arianna Huffington, headlines the show and will make a compelling case for a different approach in the workplace. She’ll explain how evidence confirms that the things that make us less stressed also make us more productive – something which is not only good for families’ and employees’ health, but also for an organization’s bottom line.

This is something we’re also passionate about. If companies design great workforce experiences for people, and tailor their approaches to individuals depending on their preferences and how they work, then they’re going to get a more engaged and productive workforce (more on that later!)

Also speaking at the show will be sector favorite and leading HR analyst Josh Bersin. We’re looking forward to hearing from Josh on what to expect in the year ahead; today, we see more and more HR and people teams realizing the need to automate HR tasks to free up their time to concentrate on their people and delivering great workforce experiences for them.

It will be particularly interesting to hear Josh’s thoughts on the emergence of AI and apps in the sector – not least because this is something we’ll be demoing at the show. Tech-lover, Solutions Consultant at Sage People and all-round people systems expert Ti Osnat will be speaking in our own session at HR Tech World Amsterdam on creating great employee experiences through automation and AI. He’ll be showing how employees can interact with HR and people processes by simply talking to their mobile devices, using our HR and People System.

The showcase follows our demo session at HR Tech World San Francisco, where we showed how an Amazon Echo can be used in the future to book leave on our people system, prompting one audience member to say it was the most innovative demo he’d seen across the two days.

The second thing attendees can expect at the show is a broad, eclectic and innovative mix of breakout sessions (including some great eye-catching session names!)

There’s a noticeable interest in the secrets behind building a unicorn company, with a range of sessions showcasing the things that have worked for those magical start-up companies valued at over $1 billion. Running across the two days of the event is the start-up competition, giving delegates the ability to hear directly from entrepreneurs and experts on the tips for starting and scaling up in HR tech.

Our favorite session names also look set to be some of the most interesting: ‘The Rebel Alliance’, where founder of #Tru Bill Boorman will lead a panel of recruitment experts who have managed to take a sledge hammer to the way their companies do things when it comes to hiring and bringing about real change; ‘Cinderella, you shall go to the ball’, in which one company will reveal the fairy godmother magic which got them to the ball – how they overturned employer brand perceptions of a large, bureaucratic behemoth; and finally, ‘We came in like a wrecking ball’, in which Chief Executive of organizational change and HR at VISA, William Ingham, will talk through their HR and people team’s transformational journey over the last year.

Finally, the third thing delegates can expect at HR Tech World Amsterdam? Speed conferencing! This is where attendees can chat with industry experts on the future of work, as well as fellow leaders looking to network while sharing new thoughts and ideas. With different stations for a range of topics, when delegates had enough of one, they can rotate to the next table – just like speed dating, minus the romance!

Overall, we can’t wait to get our teeth stuck into the event and listen to the range of expert speakers over the course of the two days. We’ll also be there exhibiting – check us out at stand 204 and say hi.

There, you can see our global cloud HR and People System in action with a personal demo any time you want during the conference. Find out how we empower organizations including Skyscanner, Innocent Smoothies and Huddle to increase workforce visibility, improve HR productivity and provide great workforce experiences for their people.

Off to HR Tech Wold Amsterdam? Say hi to us at booth 204 – or, to ensure you don’t miss out, book a demo with us to find out more about using our global cloud HR and People System to deliver great workforce experiences. 


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