We are one (ole, ola)

As the FIFA World Cup 2014 approaches, Sage People in-house sporting expert Mark Fieldhouse considers how the rules of the game apply to HR, and how good technology can help

HR Grapevine has reported that nearly one in 10 employees could be considering taking a sick day during the upcoming FIFA World Cup. The article, based on research from Canada Life Group Insurance, suggests that approximately 2.4 million employees could take advantage of the ‘World Cup Bug’. In light of this, we’ve put together a FIFA World Cup inspired guide to common HR problems and how technology can help:



Make sure you have all your employees onside – “we are one” really applies here. A global HR function in the cloud can help by ensuring HR teams, even in different countries, can perform together and collaboratively using a centralized system.

Red card

Whether it’s payroll details being left on printers, salaries being paid to the wrong account, or CEOs accidentally sharing plans to lose the bottom 10 per cent of the company, breaching confidentiality is the ultimate red card in HR. In football, a red card results in a dismissal and it can be difficult to come back from and can be what you become known for. In HR, the results can also be catastrophic. But with good technology, HR red cards can be a thing of the past. A secure HCM system accommodates all employee records and nearly eliminates manual entry, which means a safer, secure environment for employee information.

Foul/misconduct – Being unable to access real-time data may lead to companies making embarrassing (and sometimes costly) fouls. The ability to capture and analyze data has long enabled organizations to better serve their customers, while increasing productivity through improved business processes. A HCM system can help with employee management and monitoring sick days, and can also help to track working from home days.

Yellow card – An inaccessible HR system is a huge foul to the team as a whole.  In our highly connected world people are used to being able to connect and communicate from wherever they are, but organizations that have a dated HR system cannot provide comparable functionality internally. Having your HR function in the cloud means employees can access the HR system from the office or via a dedicated VPN, which streamlines processes while keeping everyone happy.

Penalties – Sometimes misconduct is penalized by… well, penalties. According to German IT magazine Computerwoche, 30 to 70 percent of all major IT projects go wrong. When selecting and introducing a HR solution, many vendors do not take into account the specific requirements of HR work. Choosing the wrong HR vendor is a foul with serious consequences, which might lead to your opponent scoring more than one goal.

Goal – The real score is when you invest in an integrated HCM system – the benefits will be immediate. HCM helps an organizations investment in people and talent by helping to create well managed teams and by extracting the best out of team members – increasing their efficiency, makes them an indispensable resource. HCM also enables the HR practitioners to hire the right candidate for the right role and this way score a goal against their opponents.

We hope these points help to get you in the World Cup spirit whilst reminding you of serious issues that could affect your organisation. If you would like to know more about cloud-based HR systems please contact us. 


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