HRPA annual conference 2019: 5 must-see sessions

Carol Foote
Last updated on 5th November 2019
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Canada’s largest annual HR conference and trade show is back.

The Human Resources Professional Association’s (HRPA) annual conference and trade show is the world’s second largest HR conference, bringing together professionals from around the world.

Housed in the Metro Toronto Convention Center, it’s set to be a three-day long, thought-provoking event, with this year’s theme focused on the ‘work climate.’

With opening remarks from Ontario’s Minister of Labor, Laurie Scott, you can expect over 160 sessions led by subject matter experts on leadership, health and wellness, talent management to name but a few.

We’ll be at the show talking about our latest research ‘Why your workforce isn’t working’ and giving demos of our global cloud HR and People system at booth 426 – make sure you pop over and say hi.

Ready to dive head-first into the world of the new work climate? Here’s our top five sessions to catch if you’re heading to this year’s conference.

1. You’re only as great as your candidate experience: Aaron Schwartz, Senior Manager of Employer Insights at Indeed (Thursday January 31, 10:30am in room 717B)

As an employer, first impressions of candidates count for a lot, but we can often forget candidates look at a company’s first impressions, too.

Aaron Schwartz, Senior Manager of Employer Insights at Indeed will talk about just that in his session. He’ll be delving into the strategies and techniques used to help maintain a great candidate experience and the valuable insight you can gain from job seeker data.

And of course, you’ll be wanting to know the latest trends in talent management, so he’ll cover how you can use each of them to create great connections between candidate and the employer.

Schwartz will offer up some real-life examples too, in what promises to be both an interactive and engaging session.

2. The employee experience and designing for moments that matter: Sarah Beech, President at Accompass, and Jennifer Waxman, Director of HR research and Advisory Services at McLean & Company (Wednesday January 30, 11:00am in room 716A)

Employees want more from their employers than just a paycheck.

In fact, in our research we found that 92% of employees said workforce experiences were important to them.

This session on employee experience will be presented by Sarah Beech and Jennifer Waxman. Between Beech, with over 30 years’ experience in the benefits industry and Waxman, as Director of HR research at McLean and Company, they have a wealth of knowledge to share on the topic.

They’ll focus on the relationship between employee experience and engagement, and why organizations should care about it.

If you’d like to hear more about the session, you can watch a short video from Sarah Beech, where she provides more detail around what she’ll be covering off in the session.

3. Canadian immigration and five things HR professionals must master: Evan Green, Managing Partner at Green and Spiegel LLP (Wednesday January 30, 11:00am in room 705)

Canadian immigration legislation has changed significantly over the past few years and is continuing to evolve. But the big question is, how can HR and People teams work within the new laws and be compliant? If you’re unsure, then this session is one to add to your list.

It’ll be led by Evan Green, Managing Partner at Green and Spiegel LLP; a leading practitioner in the field of immigration law, and recognized by Best Lawyers Canada for his work in his field.

Green will be giving an update on the Canada-European Union Free Trade Agreement, NAFTA and Electronic Travel Authorization (eTA).

He’ll also provide some clarity on Canada’s global skill strategy and the global talent stream including which organizations and jobs would qualify for 10-day government processing.

4. Four-day weekend and designing our work schedule around our needs: William Gregory Ciupka, author of the ‘4 Day Weekend’ (Friday February 1, 10:00am in room 802B)

If you’re trying to make a change in your organization towards a more flexible workplace, then this is the session for you.

This hour will be led by William Gregory Ciupka, author of ’4 Day Weekend’.

Ciupka will be sharing how you can redesign the work schedule to suit you and your colleagues’ needs. He’ll focus around the three areas of impact: the individual, the employer and society.

We’ve found from our own research that 81% of employees placed importance on flexible working, so this will be a handy session to pick up some best practice and takeaways for your organization.

5. Marijuana, alcohol and other drugs in the workplace: David Turner, Managing Partner at Turner law firm (Thursday January 31, 10:30am in room 602A)

Led by David Turner, Managing Partner at Turner, A Human Resources Law Firm, this session will give you a good re-fresher on how to manage situations to do with drugs in the workplace, with an update on the recent legislation change for recreational marijuana.

It’s a vital that businesses, especially HR and People teams, are well-versed on these new legislative changes and how it effects their organization now and in the future.

We’ll see you there

HRPA 2019 promises to be a great event. You’re not too late, though – you can still register to attend the conference, but you’ll need to be quick. Online registration closes on Friday 25 January at 5pm.

If you’re also after a chat with the team at the event, or want to book a personal demo of our HR and People system, drop us an email at [email protected]. We’ll see you there.


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