How to keep your employees motivated this New Year

How to keep your employees motivated this New Year

January is almost over after the indulgent festive holidays where for many, getting back into a productive daily routine requires extra effort. From employees to temporary staff, managers need to find ways to refocus teams, set out goals for the year ahead and reward achievements that will keep employees motivated and ready for the challenges of 2017.
Here are a few ways you can keep workers driven, not just in January but for the full year ahead:
Be clear about company goals
Employees who know what is expected of them and what they are working towards will enjoy a renewed focus at the start of the year. Taking the time to hold frequent one-on-one reviews with your employees offers an opportunity to take stock of their current performance and provide an overview of what their main aims will be in the coming weeks and months.
Make sure targets or other measured goals are clearly accessible – this will reiterate to employees what is expected of them and how their contribution will drive the company forward over the next 12 months.
Map out success
Take the time to plot out what a successful year will look like – map out ongoing projects with clear deadlines and create a vision of what the business will look like at the end of the year and how it will get there.
As well as plotting paths to success, the New Year also offers the opportunity to learn from and troubleshoot the previous year. Ask employees to flag up any issues hampering their working day and work together to find productive solutions – a New Year can mean a fresh start for the team’s working practices.
Offer incentives
Offering rewards for success transforms company goals from numbers on a spreadsheet to targets that driven staff want to achieve. Bonuses or other pay rewards aligned with team success can motivate staff to go the extra mile to achieve the goals of the coming year.
In addition, offering smaller rewards along the way that acknowledge hard work and progress can maintain a positive atmosphere and keep staff motivated as they work towards larger goals. An extra day of vacation allowance, prizes or an employee of the month scheme ensure energy levels rise throughout the year, not just when the final deadlines of 2017 approach.
Shake things up
One way to snap team members out of their post-holiday funk can be to make “change” a part of the New Year. Offer a new incentive not offered in the previous year to boost motivation, or try a different style of working that eradicates some of the snags reported before the break. Prevent employees from feeling stuck in a rut by starting the New Year with fresh new rewards and ideas that motivate them towards fresh challenges.
While January has been cold and gloomy, your workplace doesn’t have to be: reverberate the joys of spring with a fresh outlook designed to motivate employees. Rewards, clear communication and a mapped route to achieving the goals of the coming year can help ensure staff are driven and focused as 2017 gets into full swing – creating a positive atmosphere that, with some care and attention, can be maintained throughout the whole year.

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