Land and expand – the role of HR in international expansion

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Globalization presents unparalleled business opportunities, but the success of any company is heavily dependent on its people. HR leaders are expected to meet the international people challenge. But it’s not easy.

Harvard Business Review recently published an article on the relationship between globalization and the workplace. The article discusses how globalization has given workplaces the opportunity to easily achieve scale and efficiency. Globalization and digitalization now gives multinationals the ability to globalize in an increasingly lean and agile way, extending into international markets without physically establishing a company base there.

In addition, late last year the Telegraph published an article discussing the relationship between globalization and the employee retention rate for international organizations. The article suggested that the number of companies wanting to employ staff to work abroad is growing faster than the number of employees willing to become an expatriate for work.

Multinational companies often attempt to move their employees to desirable locations to get the most of out of their work. However, in the last few years multinational companies have shifted from permanent relocation for work to shorter periods of work abroad. This technique allow employees to balance their work and family life, easing the pressure of relocating.

The article also raised a valuable point about generational challenges and differences. Millennial employees, for example, have a greater willingness to work internationally, they are more flexible and likely to move abroad than baby boomers. This is driven by an ambition to expand their personal growth alongside their professional growth, by finding new work experiences abroad.

Take these people challenges onto a global level in a fast-growth company environment and, as a people leader, you may find yourself looking for the ultimate HR guide on how to scale your workforce internationally, including managing cross-border employee experiences and corporate cultures. It’s a huge HR challenge knowing how to intersect and add maximum value to an international business strategy.

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