Minimize the ex-employee menace

What immediately stood out to us when Intermedia released their 2014 SMB Rogue Access Study yesterday was how much serious risk and damage organizations could avoid with robust HR processes and systems.

According to the study, up to 89% of those surveyed retained access after they had left their jobs to sensitive corporate applications like, DropBox and Sharepoint, as well as e-commerce based applications such as PayPal. It doesn’t stop there. Many employees are also walking away with active access to corporate social media accounts such as Facebook and Twitter. Combined, they could potentially result in widespread lasting damage to organizations and their hard-earned reputations.

This could impact a business in more ways than many think. It will create a poor termination experience for the employee and may harm recruitment efforts where instances of compromised individual privacy could discourage people from joining. Where global economic growth is causing new levels of competition for people, companies cannot afford to lose the ongoing battle for talent.

All of these surprising stats point to the need for the implementation of dedicated global workforce management solutions – solutions that have the ability to manage off-boarding intelligently and on a worldwide basis. Upon an employee leaving, what if with the click of a button you could trigger all the processes required to safely terminate employment? From notifying relevant parties and switching off access to communicating final payment dates with payroll and benefits carriers.

Every company is going to gain and lose employees – it’s a matter of fact. But to avoid potentially serious threats each time an employee leaves, take a look at how our global HR solution can help. If you’d like to talk to us about how our solutions can help you avoid rogue access, click here to get in touch.

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