A new dawn for HR software

Is your HR software holding you back? Do you have ‘islands of information’ that are difficult to connect? If so, chances are you have a legacy HR system that will not support your business as it grows and develops.

Sage’s Snowdrop HR software, among others, are very much legacy systems that are unlikely to see too many more springs. It’s perhaps surprising that many legacy HR systems have lasted quite so long. Certainly many of their functions have been outmoded for several years, and the problems associated with them are hardly new.

However, the recent financial crisis resulted in other priorities for organisations with little appetite or finance to invest in HR software . Companies needed integrated HR systems to help support their recovery, but were stuck with outdated systems that certainly did little to help them manage the HR challenges they face.

As organisations experience a return to growth, effectively managing their human capital and often across multiple territories, is becoming increasingly complex and bringing the failing of legacy HR systems into sharp focus.

Making the leap from a legacy HR system to something more agile, efficient, internationally capable and scalable is becoming a priority for many businesses to ensure that they can expand their operations internationally with minimum pain.

Identifying the problem

But how can you actually identify a broken or outdated HR system? In our recent whitepaper “Why you need to move from your legacy HR system: The snowdrops are dying”, we discuss some of the key features of a poor legacy HR software system, and why you need to accurately assess the impact it can have on your business as a whole.

One of the key issues we identify is “islands of information” – the challenge of having multiple disparate systems to collate information. Recent studies, including our Let’s get IT started in HeRe report, found that a large number of businesses are becoming increasingly dissatisfied with the way their current HR systems manage disparate information. The lack of co-ordination of key functions such as payroll, appraisals, reporting or benefits management will continue to generate more problems than solutions for many organizations.

An eye on the future

If you’re looking at a new HR software system, make sure to find a company who has its eye firmly on the future like SDL and Betfair did, and with the track record to prove it. One thing’s for certain – with each passing economic and technological season new innovations and trends will demand changes in the way organizations managed their human resources. For now though, realizing that your legacy HR system could actually be costing you business is the first step towards a brighter, more efficient future.

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