New Sage People Analytics provides unprecedented workforce visibility, including flight risk prediction

Charlotte Nicol
Published on 4th October 2016
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Capabilities enable mid-size organizations to know as much about their workforce as they do about their customers

Sage People today announced details of its enhanced People Analytics capabilities, built using Salesforce Wave Analytics – a mobile-first, revolutionary analytics platform that provides flexible business intelligence. Sage People Analytics revolutionizes the way organizations use information, enabling them to know as much about their people as they know about their customers; transforming businesses into people companies by enabling People Scientists to discover hidden patterns in data, predict future trends and gain new insights to make better informed people decisions and proactively take the most impactful actions.

Sage People is the first human resources information system (HRIS) to leverage Salesforce Wave Analytics. This new capability provides businesses with a level of visibility beyond the typical information available to HR, delivered through the latest visualization techniques and optimized for Android and iOS mobile devices. Management teams benefit from having a more complete view of their workforce, enabling them to deliver outstanding workforce experiences and encourage maximum performance from their people.

“In order to best manage talent, companies need full visibility into their workforce. Yet, for the modern, global organization, doing so presents significant challenges, like identifying which employees hold critical IP about products or customers, and whether those individuals are happy,” said Adam Hale, EVP of Sage People. “Our new People Analytics help People Scientists gain predictive insights and be more proactive, providing a more holistic understanding of people through increased contextual information from multiple sources, not just HR. This helps companies get the best out of their workforce because they now have more complete information on how to improve engagement and performance, or mitigate the attrition risk of key staff.”

HR professionals and company leaders are often limited in the people information they can access, as it is usually restricted to data from HR apps and dashboards. Sage People solves this challenge by combining fragmented and siloed internal and external information about their people into one integrated set of dashboards and analytics. This includes internal sources like finance systems or payroll, to understand the costs associated with each employee or department, as well as publicly available data outside the organization, such as social profiles, which provide a more rounded picture of employees and their interests.

Sage People Analytics key capabilities include:

  • Leading visualization techniques: With thematic maps, combination graphs, funnel charts, waterfall charts and more, Sage People provides easy-to-understand, actionable insights, and can superimpose data on thematic or choropleth maps to uncover spatial patterns and reveal unrecognized trends. It could also be used to show the locations of employees who pose the greatest flight risk, determined through Sage People’s Flight Risk Radar, which alerts managers to early warning signals such as an employee taking a series of single days off or behavioral changes like arriving at work late or leaving early.
  • Integration with leading platforms: Sage People Analytics provides organizations with the ability to supplement existing HR data stored in Sage People with additional data from other external systems, including leading integration platforms such as Informatica, IBM, Snaplogic, Mulesoft and others.

“Sage People provides the data-driven approach that forward-looking companies need to become proactive in achieving the best from their workforce; we’re continually seeking new ways for them to gain actionable insights that may otherwise remain hidden,” Hale added. “Our new People Analytics further cement our position as a leader in providing great workforce experiences by leveraging multiple sources of data about employees, and presenting these in an easy-to-understand format that allows organizations to optimize their people potential.”

Sage People will introduce and demo its People Analytics capabilities, as well as its wide range of solutions, at two major industry events this week. The company will showcase its solutions at Dreamforce ‘16 in San Francisco (Booth 2043) and at the 19th Annual HR Technology Conference and Expo,  at McCormick Place in Chicago (Booth 425). Both events take place October 4-7, 2016.

Additional information about Sage People Analytics capabilities can be accessed here.

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