A note from Nic Scott, CEO at Fairsail

At Sage People we proudly consider ourselves the leader in Global Workforce Collaboration, and our progress in 2013 cemented this opinion – we closed out 2013 with the best quarter in our history and a wave of new sales wins that bode well for 2014.

For the year, our 200% increase in top line sales reflects an increased appetite for cloud-based HR and HCM solutions capable of dealing with globally dispersed workforces. But there’s no time to sit back, pour a glass of red and relax in the warm resonance of successful results. Experts predict that the growth is set to continue and proliferate in the year ahead.

HR Magazine identifies four key ingredients that HR departments will need to embrace in 2014:

  • Increased use of the cloud for system deployments to allow greater flexibility and improved workplace efficiencies
  • Use of social media to improve staff engagement as the office notice board loses its influence
  • Use of information from systems to drive performance
  • Social media driven direct sourcing for recruitment

Thankfully, these are all areas that our platform services.

Katherine Harris, Recruiting Director at one of our new international customers, Roto-Rooter Services, said of our solutions, “The Sage People solution really opened our eyes to recruiting for the future. Its powerful graphics and search capabilities will allow us to quickly identify quality candidates, streamline our hiring process and allow us to fill vacancies quickly. Its social media capabilities will position us as a progressive company and help us source more qualified candidates too”.

If we maintain this customer-focused attitude, keep our fingers on the pulse of the market, and our ears open to suggestions and guidance, I firmly believe this year will offer even more opportunity for Sage People to take market share from the previous generation of HR players. And maybe a glass or two will slide down in the meantime.

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