The Office Christmas Party

The office Christmas party has become something of a tradition for a lot of organizations, with millions of pounds being spent on venue hire, food, gifts, entertainment and of course, alcohol – in the annual attempt to bring a little Christmas cheer to the work place and boost staff morale.

But is it worth all the effort and expense? Do employees even enjoy the festivities, or are they duty bound to show up and join in? And could the ramifications of excessive drinking and too much excitement actually prove to have a negative impact on the workplace?

We take a look at the findings from a series of recent surveys, from the UK and US, exploring the issues surrounding the office Christmas party – in an attempt to answer some of these questions.


Office Christmas Parties. Are They Worth It?


This vizualisation, available here for download, looks into the data behind the office Christmas party, based on data provided by LinkedIn, we look into if the office Christmas party is enjoyable for all, or just forced fun. We also look at spending per head across the UK with some interesting statistics.


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