Predictions for 2017: How tech is transforming HR

How tech is transforming HR

The digital revolution will continue in 2017 as advances in technology continue to impact HR systems. Technology offers opportunities for smarter practices in areas including employee engagement, benefits and rewards packages, information sharing and more, which work for both employers and employees.
Here are a few ways you can expect technology to shape your human resources systems in the coming year:

The rise of the network
One of the predictions from Bersin by Deloitte for 2017 relates to how companies could be reorganized, with the traditional management hierarchy replaced with a network of smaller, specialist teams. This network can ensure focus on key elements of a task, but effective communication tools will be essential to ensure coordinated working – especially if the network stretches across more than one office. Global cloud HRMS and information-sharing tools can help teams connect and stay informed from anywhere, connecting the network with ease.

The might of mobile
Smartphone use, apps and mobile web browsing continue to rise – and so it makes sense for HR systems to embrace the technology to better communicate with employees. An app can be used to allow access to HR information such as payroll, benefits and other information from anywhere, boosting employee engagement outside of the office.
As well as mobile technology, digital working that allows employees to access information and complete tasks remotely can aid flexible working. With requests for flexible working expected to rise, this technology can help create a digital office that maintains productivity while responding to those requests.

Streamlined systems
Does your HR system require employees to log in to a number of platforms to access different information and tools? HR software is predicted to become more streamlined in 2017, with the creation of a single, efficient platform for integrated HR services. This development could also include responsive sites that can be accessed with ease via smartphone as well as laptops, or mobile apps that make communicating with workers digitally even simpler.

Tracking employee engagement
As well as providing ways to boost employee engagement, technology can also help HR teams track employee engagement in real time. As employee feedback develops from once-a-year appraisals to continual communication, technology can help monitor employee wellbeing and head off problems at the pass. Digital platforms that allow managers to deliver feedback – and employees to raise issues or request additional training – makes for faster, more effective communication between teams and managers. It also provides a digital timeline, from the initial request to its completion, that doesn’t occur when development is casually discussed in the office.

Technology continues to transform HR systems, with innovative and exciting HR software improving both company efficiency and employee engagement. This year will see digital solutions continue to solve common problems as companies invest in the technology to make their business more productive and profitable. Which HR tech trends most excite you?

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