Product showcase: 7 ways to improve efficiency and experiences with the Sage People Triton release

Mai-Po Wan
Last updated on 5th November 2019
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How can your HR team be more productive?

With the latest productivity and automation improvements to Sage People you can free up more time for your HR team and managers to focus on adding value where it really counts: developing your people, strategizing, and understanding trends within your workforce, to name but a few.

Coupled with some exciting enhancements designed to engage your employees, you can be sure to deliver those all-important great employee experiences that your people will love.

Create efficiencies with time and absence management, plan reward more effectively, and make tax form submission seamless for you and your employees.

Continue to delight your workforce by engaging with them in new and creative ways and support them where you can with managing their finances on pay day.

Here’s some of the highlights of our latest Triton product release.

1. Save time on time and attendance

There is no present like the time!  With the latest improvements to the new time and attendance module, we’ll gift you just that; by further automating how you manage hours worked and absences, you can spend more time on value-add tasks.

  • Automatic calculation of hours for absences and public holidays when using pay code entry type
  • The ability for managers to approve timesheets for their team without having to have timesheets enabled for themselves

2. Take salary planning to the next level (beta)

Planning and managing an effective budget for salary and compensation is essential to be able to recruit and retain the best people – that’s why we’ve made some key improvements to the salary planning tools with select customers.

With the latest improvements, managers have even more control over the planning and management of reward for their teams, so they can ensure they remain competitive whilst sticking to budget.

  • Plan salaries in local currencies and for any pay period
  • Use automated color coding to monitor reward plans against budgets
  • Maintain a comprehensive audit trail of plan history and amendments
  • Use advanced configuration options to determine who, when and what is included in the process
  • Easily clone or delete salary plans, ensuring efficiency and accuracy

3. Automate US tax forms

Maintaining compliance across all people processes is non-negotiable, but that doesn’t mean it needs to become a headache.  That’s why we’ve recently partnered with a third party to make sure the submission of US tax forms is straight forward and hassle-free for everyone.

By partnering with Symmetry Solutions, employees can now access and submit their tax forms online 24/7, so the process is quick and painless.

Meanwhile, you can be confident that you’re compliant in all jurisdictions and have an accurate audit trail, giving you peace of mind.

4. Payday just got better with functionality for multiple bank accounts

Saving for your next house move or for your children’s further education? Or maybe just for a rainy day? With Payflow for multiple bank accounts you can make money management easier for your people by doing some of their pay day admin for them.

Now employees can allocate pay to more than one bank account up front and it will automatically be sent to the correct account when they get paid.  No more logging into primary accounts to make transfers out. Hurrah!

5. Improve how you collaborate with ‘Groups and Teams’ (pilot)

‘Groups and Teams’ is an exciting new improvement that we will be piloting as part of this release, whereby employees across the business will be able to create and manage their own groups and teams within their organization.

It’s a simple yet effective way to improve how you organize, develop, recognize, reward and communicate across the business, enabling your people to work in a more agile and collaborative way –  regardless of where they are in the world!

6. Have some fun with the new ‘Know Your People’ app

Who said work wasn’t fun?  With the new ‘Know Your People’ app now in pilot, your employees can learn and have fun at the same time. Let your creativity flow with simple games that engage your employees in a new way, such as asking new hires to match names to faces to get to know everyone.

7. Find and attract the right people, faster

The war for talent doesn’t seem to be going away.  But the challenge with sourcing the right candidates did just get easier thanks to the latest improvements to our candidate portal.  We’ve made some significant SEO improvements so that your job listings can now be found and indexed by third party sites and search engines automatically.

Find out more about how Sage People can enable you to free up more time to concentrate on what’s important. Request your short demo today.


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