Product showcase: Timesheets just keep getting better, and we’ve enhanced onboarding for successful new employee retention

Grainne Shaughnessy
Published on 23rd March 2018
2 min read

The first quarter for 2018 is done and dusted, and what a start to the year! We hope your first quarter was a successful one, like our new Odyssey product release.

We’ve delivered new timesheet comments, enhancements to timesheet usability, and the ability to provide a strengthened onboarding experience via the admin WX portal.

Remember our product release summary notes, kept in our support area, provide more detail but here’s some highlights of our latest release:

  • You can now add comments to timesheets in conversation format for extra details
  • Status indicators have been added to timesheets to show when they are in draft, submitted or approved
  • Other indicators about absences, public holidays and comments are displayed in a handy legend for improved timesheet usability
  • Enhanced SSN format validation
  • Create an enhanced experience for new hires with controlled access to the admin WX portal

Timesheet indicators for improved usability

New status indicators have been added to timesheets so, at a glance, you can see when a timesheet is in draft, submitted or approved.

Whether users are accessing Sage Business Cloud People from the web, tablet or smartphone, it’s now easy to track the status of timesheets. There are also other indicators about absences, public holidays and comments for improved usability. Users can quickly see the difference between the indicators which are displayed in a handy legend.

With a simple, intuitive interface Sage Business Cloud People allows you to track working hours through intuitive timesheets and makes time tracking effortless.

Timesheet comments for better communications

With the Odyssey release, managers and employees have the ability to add comments to timesheets which are displayed in conversation format to track extra details about work. Timesheet comments can be seen from WX and in the HR Manager portal through the ‘timesheet comments related list’. Using this field, you can also report on timesheet comments in an efficient manner for more context.

Benefit from a digital audit trail for extra information around timesheets.  Through an easy-to-use text field, comments can be enabled at two levels; day comments which apply to time entries made for a specific day, and summary comments which apply to a complete timesheet period.

Enhanced onboarding for employee retention

The time between the offer letter acceptance and their first day is when you need to ensure your new hire is engaged the most with your business. A candidate’s agreement to accept a role doesn’t necessarily guarantee they will turn up for the new role.

It’s good to keep momentum going before your new hire joins your organization. With the enhanced onboarding features you can send personalized welcome emails, request new hires to complete their employee profile, and give access to a version of your WX which has company collaterals promoting company vision, values and culture.

With Sage Business Cloud People, you have the ability to identify users who are pre-boarders in the system, and introduce a new policy which controls the levels of visibility and access you’d like to grant them.  You can include or remove things like your company org chart, and the team member contact details displayed on the people bar.

You can also send targeted communications specific to admin tasks you’d like completed prior to day one, and drive them to company content in WX around values and culture to get them excited and engaged about their new organization.

Your pre-boarders are visible to their line manager but can remain hidden from other team members across the business, if you choose. The beauty is you have the flexibility to decide what you’d like them to see in the WX admin portal.

First impressions are important. Build a repeatable pre-boarding experience for all new hires so your employees go through the same engaging experience time and time again.  You’ll benefit from new starters being engaged from the beginning, who are excited to start work, and new starters who feel welcome! This will all help ensure you retain your new employees before their first day.

With the Odyssey release we’ve delivered enhanced onboarding for improved engagement with new hires before they start which will help with retention, and new timesheet comments and indicators for effective communications around recording work hours.


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