Product showcase: 5 new ways to improve communication with Sage People’s Nautilus release

Mai-Po Wan
Last updated on 19th December 2019
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A new year, a new product release! At Sage People, our latest release delivers better visibility and experiences across your entire workforce.

Deliver targeted and tailored communications to specific groups of people, and capture feedback quickly and efficiently whenever you need it.

HR and managers have improved visibility of the workforce, with enhancements to organizational charts and cross-department visibility for HR.

Performance management moves forward, with information overview templates and the ability to capture continuous conversations.

Our product release notes provide more details, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Deliver targeted and tailored communications to specific groups or individuals
  • Capture feedback quickly with pulse surveys
  • Cross-department visibility for HR
  • Digest performance information with a single overview
  • Capture continuous feedback and conversations relating to performance

Targeted and tailored communications

Sometimes, you need to send specific messages to groups of employees. If you’ve got a global workforce, lots of cross-functional teams or project teams, then this is right up your street.

The Nautilus release gives you the ability to send tailored communications to (and capture feedback from) specific groups of people within your organization. You can choose your audience in a variety of ways. For example, you might send a communication to everyone who joined in the last three months to get their feedback on the on-boarding experience. A valuable tool!

Pulse Surveys for quick feedback

Pulse Surveys allows you to send out surveys and capture feedback from employees whenever you need it. This gives you immediate insight into your workforce, in a targeted and agile manner.

Typically comprising an easy to complete set of questions, pulse surveys can generate valuable employee related data for reporting and analysis.

Pulse Surveys are displayed in WX self-service for completion by employees. You can specify the format of each question, add help text and anonymize responses if required for compliance purposes.

Cross-department visibility for HR

As a growing company, it’s likely that you will have (or need to have) HR managers looking after specific groups of people. For example, you might have employees in four countries, and each country team has a HR manager looking after them.

With Sage People, you can give your HR team the autonomy to view and manage information for employees in other departments. This is particularly useful if you often have transfers between departments, or if a particular HR manager is responsible for planning and reporting across all departments.

Simple (but useful) performance overview

The Nautilus release consolidates key components required for performance assessment in a single, easy-to-digest overview. Access objectives, and review and update them with all the relevant context to hand, such as continuous feedback, providing a highly informative and interactive performance review experience.

Facilitate continuous performance conversations

Annual performance reviews are a thing of the past. Replace or enhance this process with continuous conversations and feedback.

Sage People allows you to capture and manage two-way feedback on an employee’s performance throughout a review period. Managers and employees can add comments, actions and goals. Keep it informal, or add a formal check-in process.

With these enhancements, the Nautilus release makes it easier to manage and engage with your people, and gather valuable insights in an agile and efficient manner. This gives your organization better visibility and improved productivity, while providing better experiences for your entire workforce. Contact us if you’d like to know more about how Sage People can help your business.


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