Product showcase: Three new milestones for improved productivity with Sage People’s Resolution release

Grainne Shaughnessy
Published on 2nd October 2018
3 min read

Whether your biggest HR challenge is engaging your workforce or staying compliant with ever-changing employment laws, you can rely on Sage Business Cloud People to help streamline HR and People processes.

The Sage People team is excited to announce another milestone in our product development with the ‘Resolution’ release.

As the world of HR is always evolving, we’re constantly striving to ensure your HR and People system is always one step ahead. Check out the highlights from this release, plus we have a sneak peek at what’s coming soon.

  1. Track and manage time and attendance more efficiently
  2. Simplified reporting for easy compliance with US regulations
  3. Brand new compensation module, now in pilot

1. Track and manage time and attendance more efficiently

With the Resolution release, you can automate the conversion of worked hours to payroll, and enforce your pay and work rules more easily with these attendance and leave management updates.

Absence accruals from timesheet entries

We’ve significantly optimized and improved absence accruals, so they can be generated from actual hours worked as logged in timesheets and recorded against relevant pay codes.

This means vacation and leave hours which are accrued in each pay period are now calculated automatically, based on the hours worked and submitted by the employee via timesheets.

This is especially useful for part-time staff, and will allow customers to more easily comply with local regulations in some US states and Central European countries.

Effective dating of FTE changes

We’ve capitalized on our new work schedule functionality to enable the automatic calculation of full-time equivalent (FTE) percentages to more accurately prorate absence accruals.

For example, when changing contractual hours from full-time to part-time, the changes that take place will now be dictated by an effective date.

Change the date to when you want the changes to take effect, and Sage People will work out the accruals associated with this change.

Work schedule vacation requests

Time-off requests are auto-calculated and displayed to users based on work schedules, including non-working hours in a user-friendly format.

This allows employees on more complex working patterns (for example, flexible work patterns and retail shifts) to accurately book one absence over a given period of time.

2. Simplified reporting for easy compliance with US regulations

For HR and People teams, compliance issues are usually the less favored aspects of their daily activities. However, adhering to federal compliance regulations is essential for organizations who want to abide by the law and avoid penalties.

Luckily, Sage People’s HR and People system makes managing compliance issues easier and much less daunting.

We’ve refreshed our reporting capabilities to meet compliance regulations, so you can download them at a few clicks of a button. The following reports are available.

Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO-1)

The EEO is a right every candidate has throughout the hiring process, referring to the protection of candidates against discrimination, on the basis of their race, religion, sex or national origin, among other qualified characteristics.

The US government requires more information about companies as an equal opportunity employer as they reach a certain size.

Employers must provide employee data categorized by ethnicity, gender and job category in the form of an EEO-1 compliance survey on an annual basis.

Veterans Employment Training Service (VETS)

HR plays a vital role in providing information for veterans. The VETS-4212 Report is an annual report required under the Vietnam Era Veteran’s Readjustment Assistance Act (VEVRAA) by the US Department of Labor Veteran’s Employment and Training Services (VETS).

The report requires employers to provide information on the following ‘protected veteran’ categories:

  1. Disabled veterans
  2. Active duty wartime or campaign badge veterans
  3. Armed forces service medal veterans
  4. Recently separated veterans

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

From employee disputes to performance reviews, there isn’t much that HR and People teams aren’t responsible for documenting. In the U.S. you can add workplace injuries to that list.

OSHA, the US federal agency responsible for enforcing workplace safety rules, require employers to keep a record of serious work-related injuries and illnesses.

Even if you didn’t have a workplace injury on record you must provide a form OSHA 300 annually which summarizes all of the year’s injuries on one sheet.

With the new Resolution release, we’ve made submitting the information required in these reports easy and straightforward.

You can download a clean CSV file with the information held in Sage People about your employees, which you can then upload directly to the relevant federal websites.

Sage People is developed with regulatory compliance in mind, helping you streamline workflows and produce regular reports to meet your compliance obligations.

3. Compensation planning, now in pilot

The single-largest expense for most employers is the compensation of their workforce.

HR and People teams need to work closely with the finance team to make sure the organization is offering employees a comparable compensation package, so you can ensure you keep top talent.

The Resolution release includes the pilot of a brand-new compensation planning module, this pilot aims to meet our evolving customer needs.

We’re working directly with customers to develop several new features aimed at delivering flexibility and improved administrator experience.

The new compensation planning features enable you to configure and manage all your compensation plan templates in a new, intuitive interface.

You can create multiple plans, each of which can have different data columns and salary formulas all displayed in an easy-to-read summary view.

The end-user compensation planning interface has also been completely redeveloped for improved usability.

As we build out this new compensation functionality we’ll share more details with you highlighting all the changes and new capabilities. Watch this space.

That’s all for now, there will be more highlights of the latest feature improvements and product changes soon.

You can find more information on Sage People release updates and detailed release notes in the support area.

Not a Sage People customer and like what you read? Get in touch with us to find out more about how we can help you acquire, manage and engage top talent with our global cloud HR and People system. 



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