Product showcase: What’s new in the Sage People Spring ‘20 release

Grainne Shaughnessy
Published on 9th March 2020
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Here at Sage People, our mission is to transform the way people think and work, so their organizations can thrive.  

To make that mission a reality, we’re constantly looking for ways to innovate and improve our HR and People system so our users can create great workforce experiences to help our customers’ organizations flourish.  

You can find a summary of our latest updates on our support site but here’s the highlights for Spring ‘20 release:  

  • People management workflow​ (pilot – part two)​ – further improvements to the user experience for making employee changes including an audit history and improved review screen  
  • Accrual balance enhancements – ​further enhancements to absence management by making the calculation of accrued absence easier  
  • Absences in calendars (beta)​ – a neat new feature for downloading an iCalendar file for absences booked off in the system to be added to external calendars   
  • EEO report update ​- we’ve updated the format for the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) report, part of the US compliance pack, to meet new obligations issued by the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission 
  • Reward planning (beta) ​- to complement our salary planning updates we’ve made improvements to bonus planning  
  • Employee API (2.0) – the employee API is a REST API and the cornerstone of any third party integration with Sage People  

So what do all these changes really mean for our customers? Read on to explore the six updates to Sage People in more detail. 

1. A simpler people management workflow 

At the heart of HR and People systems is the employee information database; making changes to employee information is a fundamental part of people management throughout the employee lifecycle. ​​ 

In the Winter ‘20 release, we piloted a much simpler process to make employee changes for managers. We’ve since gathered more customer feedback from the pilot to make part two of this pilot even better. We’ve delivered further improvements to the user experience for making employee changes including an audit history screen and improved review screen.  

The evolution of the pilot for people workflow management shows our commitment to improving the employee changes process used by managers and HR so they have a better experience making inevitable employee changes.   

2.  A clearer view of employee absences 

Managing absence balances is a part of the job for HR teams and we want to make that job as easy as possible. Now our customers can analyze absence calculations right down to the absence accrual type. 

In addition, our customers have the ability to report on year-end and absences balances at any time of the year within the Sage People system.  

In Sage People, accrual balance offers extensive absence and vacation recording options against absence type by defining groups of settings that can be linked to both policies or employment records.  

3. Enhancing absence visibility for your organization 

How would your employees really know if their colleague was off work? Would they need to ask their manager? Message their colleague on Teams? Or even check to see if their ‘out of office’ is on?  

When you’re logged into Sage People any team member can easily log days when they will be absent, as well as see when others are not at work.  

For team leads, this makes keeping track of employees’ whereabouts much easier. It’s immediately apparent who’s away from work, for what reason, and for how long.  

The Sage People calendar gives an excellent visual representation of everyone’s status, providing managers with a clear picture of the overall employee leave across the company. ​ 

Now our users can import iCalendar files into their business and external calendars so you can share what time you’ve booked off in Sage People with your wider organization.  

4. Updates to comply with EEO reporting 

To put it simply, we want to make it easy as possible for HR and People teams to stay compliant, and this particular enhancement does just that.  

The EEO-1 Report is a compliance survey mandated by federal statute and regulations. The survey requires company employment data to be categorized by race/ethnicity, gender and job category. ​ 

In this release we’ve updated the format for the Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO) report, part of the US compliance pack. Ensuring our US customers remain compliant with the latest Federal guidance that comes into effect in September.  

Sage People helps you to gain clarity on the data you store around your employees. We support US compliance and regulatory reporting requirements such as: 

  • Equal Employment Opportunity (EEO)  
  • Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) 
  • Department of Labor Veterans’ Employment and Training service (VETS) 
  • Office of Federal Contractor Compliance Programs (OFCCP) 

5. Bonus planning enhancements (beta) 

Compensation programs are primarily used to promote productivity of the workforce, but organizations can also use them to enhance employee recruitment, engagement, retention and employer branding.  

​To complement our salary planning updates we’ve made the following improvements to bonus planning. Our new beta for bonus planning enhances our capabilities around compensation to make the setup of both bonuses and salary planning much more intuitive. ​ 

Discover how Sage People can transform the way you hire, manage, engage and retain your workforce, in our interactive product tour

6. The employee API 2.0  

Switching between systems for different tasks can be a real nightmare for HR and People teams, not knowing where the single source of truth really lies. 

A REST API is an interface that enables two systems to ‘talk’ to one another, and is created following guidelines that ensure its flexible, extensible, and secure. The Sage People employee API is a REST API and the cornerstone of our third party integrations.  

The employee API (REST API) which gives the following capabilities:​ 

  • Consume data about all employees​ 
  • Consume data about individual employees​ 
  • Consume details about updated employees (changes and leavers)​ 
  • Push new employee details to another system​ 
  • Push updated employee details to another system​ 
  • Ability to include custom fields​ 

Full details are available here

Learn more about Spring ‘20 

Sage People Spring ‘20 is available now. If you’re an existing customer, you can check out the release notes or talk with your Customer Success Manager for more information. 

Not yet using Sage People? Request a 30-minute live demo today to learn more about how our HR and People system can help you transform the way people think and work, so your organization can thrive.  

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