Product showcase: Enhanced performance, productivity, peer-to-peer collaboration and payroll processes with Sage People’s Winter 20’ release

Hannah Wright
Last updated on 5th November 2019
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Want to improve the performance of your people?

Looking for ways to save time and increase productivity?

Keen to increase peer-to-peer collaboration and agility across your organization?

What about supporting a slicker payroll process?

We’re saying ‘yes P’s’ to the latest product enhancements in the Sage People Winter 20′ release: performance, productivity, peer-to-peer collaboration, and slicker payroll processes.

Simple, dynamic forms for employee change requests

Sage People already includes comprehensive and configurable workflows managed from the HR portal, as well as the ability for managers to raise HR requests from the self-service portal (WX). In response to customer feedback, we have redesigned this journey to significantly improve the user experience and make it much easier and simpler for managers to raise and track employee changes for their team.

The user will now be guided through a dynamic and intuitive employee change request form, and even have the option to raise bulk requests rather than individual ones (such as a change in location for a full office).

Once submitted, they’ll be presented with a clear view of the details they have requested to change, including who it relates to, and they can keep an eye on the status of it.

Encourage collaboration, flexibility and agility with groups and team’s self-service

As companies consciously move towards more agile ways of working, it’s important for them to view their workforce based on the cross functional groups and teams that work together day-to-day, rather than in more traditional, hierarchical ways.

In the Triton release, we extended the ability to create and manage groups from the HR portal, to the Workforce Experience portal. This was initially released in pilot and meant that employees were able to:

  • invite colleagues from across the organization to specific groups and teams
  • enable specific communications for different groups and teams
  • view planned holidays for those in their groups and teams

As well as this being released for general availability (GA) in the Winter 20’ release, following customer feedback we have also added the ability to set a group as public, so anyone can join without a private invite.

We’ve also enabled users to search for and discover new groups and arrange them on their personal homepage based on those most important to them.

Accelerate your people growth with better performance management

Annual performance reviews are on their way out, and continuous performance management is well and truly on its way in, as progressive People Companies look for more people-focused approaches to managing and engaging their workforce.

With Sage People, managers and employees can regularly review and track up-to-date objectives, allowing for iterative improvements throughout the year and creating a more supportive environment for colleagues to self-reflect, learn and grow.

In this release we’ve enhanced both the user experience and flexibility of our continuous conversations feature, allowing managers to have open discussions with their team and work in real-time to improve, enhance and recognize performance and work.

Email notifications have been introduced to inform managers and colleagues of a new comment or edit to a conversation, and attachments can now be added to support conversations as they happen, making the formal review process much simpler, easier and valuable for everyone.

We have also separated continuous conversations from the annual review process, meaning any relevant actions are triggered at the correct and specific time.

Delegation of authority for timesheets

It’s no secret that managing the payroll run each pay period can be stressful for a number of reasons. One of these is getting accurate hours worked information into payroll on a timely basis. That’s why we’ve made the timesheet approval process more flexible, so there’s one less thing to worry about when it comes to paying your people.

Sage People already permits Executive and Personal Assistants the ability to view, create, edit and approve absences, and HR requests, for the senior managers they support. In this release, we have extended this capability further by enabling them to approve timesheets as well, which will also be managed from the HR portal and can be switched on and off as needed.

This will keep things running smoothly, reduce delays in timesheet processing and will support the payroll team in getting employee pay right first time, on time and every time. In addition, it will be easier to keep a track of how much time is allocated to tasks.

Absence accrual log

Investigating absence accruals isn’t anyone’s favorite job, but it has to be done.

In this release, we’ve made it as straight forward as possible by improving the user experience of the absence accrual log.

Rather than searching through one long list, we’ve broken down the potentially large volume of data into a single page per year of accruals, so now HR, managers and employees can quickly navigate to the relevant information by selecting the correct year from a simple drop down – and complete with a time-stamped audit trail. This is useful when people leave your company or join partway through the year.

Yes P’s to more time spent on the things that matter

These latest enhancements are all designed to help support HR and People teams, managers, and employees focus on the things that matter, and spend less time on process and admin. When it comes to HR and People teams, it means more time connecting with your people, strategizing and of course, creating those all-important amazing workforce experiences.


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