Escape spreadsheet hell and regain control of HR

Paul Burrin
Published on 1st March 2016
1 min read

When you’re in danger of drowning in spreadsheets of employee information, it can be difficult to imagine how to rescue your records. Sage People’s latest lifeline to HR teams comes in the form of an exclusive webinar on 16th March at 8am PT / 11am ET, that offers limited spaces to HR leaders for free registration.

By stepping away from the frontline for half an hour, attendees will have chance to consider a new approach that could transform the challenges of HR today, freeing specialists to focus on adding value in the ways that really count.

Based on experience working with numerous HR teams, Sage People’s Vicki Sanderson, Global Head of Solutions, has put together a webinar covering some of the most pressing issues in today’s multinational environment. “Time and again we see the same problems holding back ambitious and capable HR professionals from supporting the business in the way they’d like to,” she says. “In this webinar, I’ll show delegates how they can escape from this administrative trap and start to deliver truly valuable expertise to their business leadership teams.”

Vicki identifies three core issues besetting HR teams:

  • Employee information is stored across multiple systems and spreadsheets
  • Accurately answering simple but vital factual questions about the number, location and characteristics of the workforce is time-consuming and sometimes impossible
  • There is no single, current view of the entire workforce visible to and shared by everyone who needs it

During the webinar, she will show how a proven, affordable technology solution can transform HR productivity, provide accurate, real-time information and provide trusted insights for forward planning and strategic decision-making.

Find out whether it’s a solution that your business should be considering, so that HR can manage and deliver truly valuable information. Register for the webinar now to secure your place.

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