Replace your resolutions with a new vision for 2017

Replace your resolutions with a new vision for 2017

The New Year often inspires changes in outlook, from adopting healthier habits to changing the way we work. While small, unintimidating changes may be easy to adopt, are they radical enough to ensure continued success?
This year, instead of setting resolutions for yourself or your company (which may well be broken before the end of January), think big – create a vision for success with defined, ambitious goals, and chart your way to the finish line.
Make the positive change your business needs a real project; a detailed plan for success that goes far beyond superficial resolutions.

Preparation is key
A resolution can be made (and broken) in no time at all – for lasting, valuable change, take the time to map out your vision and how you will achieve it. Where do you see the company in one year, five years, or ten? How will your business achieve it?
Create a clear plan, with a timeline of objectives and the exact steps needed to achieve them. Know what success will look like – use measurable values like profit, productivity or business growth to give you and your team clear targets to work towards. Shake things up where necessary and give yourself a clear path to success.

Know your goals
Vague ambitions can result in vague results. Be clear – both in your own vision and how you communicate it to your staff – about what success will look like. Set goals that can be measured and plotted on a timeline, assign staff to take ownership of the varying stages and ensure the project for change stays focused.
Clear, ambitious (but achievable) targets will give your people something solid to work towards and to measure their work by.

Set a deadline
A vision for success can be lost if there is no timeline against which to measure it. ‘Going forward’ or ‘in the future’ is not good enough – your project for improvement should have a clear end date, both for your own motivation and to keep your team members focused. Of course, deadlines can be moved to accommodate unforeseen circumstances, but mapping a date when your new company vision will be complete is crucial to keep the project on track.

Motivate yourself
As a manager or project leader, be the change and ambition you wish to see in your team, visualizing what success will look like and striving towards end goals. Stay optimistic, even when faced with unexpected obstacles, offer support to your team and recognize success wherever it materializes.
If you’re motivated, focused and driven, you’ll find your productive attitude can be infectious – boosting employee morale and the strength of the team.

Measure success – and failure
On the long journey to a new vision for your company, it’s important to celebrate the little victories along the way. Set benchmarks and plot targets along the project timeline that can be achieved and celebrated. Reward schemes for staff that acknowledge their hard work and success can boost their self-esteem and make them even more driven to reach the finish line.
At the same time, it’s important to acknowledge the times when your plan doesn’t achieve what you hoped it would. You may have to move a deadline, or accept that a new working practice just isn’t delivering the results you thought it would. Accept your failures, make the changes necessary to avoid them going forward, and move on – it’s all part of the journey towards achieving your new vision.

Learn and move forward
You follow the plan, achieve change that goes far beyond the superficial and the success of your new company strategy is measurable. This is a time to celebrate, and reward your team – but also a time to learn from the successes (and failures) of your project, and apply them to your everyday working practices. Don’t let positive change end on deadline day – make it part of the company’s new working culture.
New year resolutions are easily made, and easily broken – if you want to see real change in 2017, you need to plot your route to success and have a clear vision on what your new and improved company will look like and how it will perform.
Make 2017 the year you ditch superficial resolutions and take real, ambitious steps toward success.

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