Ryanair ruling shows need for HR to go glocal

The news of Ryanair’s £6.7m fine for breach of labour laws highlights the grey areas around employment compliance for international companies. Surely Mr O’Leary must be aware that HR support systems can and should be as global as his business, to enable French and Irish compliance at the same time. That said, it’s a common issue for many of our customers, who struggle to comply with the complexities of handling highly complex, multiple country labour laws.

International companies need access to systems which can clearly support local employment laws and practices, whilst at the same time providing the information of any issues to both local and HQ management. Rather than letting situations escalate, as is the case with Ryanair, employees and HR teams need to communicate with each other. Both sides must have access to real-time HR records so that any issues regarding pay or benefits can be resolved internally without the need to resort to legal action.

Undoubtedly, this will not be the last case we see of a company which allegedly registered employee details incorrectly. However, like most global functions, HR should be automated to provide a failsafe system, avoiding employee disgruntlement and public humiliation. Transparency and automation should ensure a clear paper trail, should records need to be investigated.

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