Sage Live and Sage People HR – but what does it mean for small businesses?

Following Sage Summit and Dreamforce 2015 over the last few months, we talk to our CEO Adam Hale about Sage People’s collaboration with Sage, and together what their innovative new solution provides for small businesses.

Why did you partner with Sage?

The coming together of Sage People and Sage was primarily motivated by a need to address the complexities faced by companies operating multiple outdated systems, and to help integrate their HR, accounting and payroll capacities. The fact that both Sage People and Sage Live share their basis on the Salesforce platform made our partnership a clear fit.

Sage People, as a Salesforce gold partner with the first HR system to be built on the Salesforce platform, is the most comprehensive HR solution via the Salesforce AppExchange, with over 100 customers, supporting users in over 120 countries.

Sage Live also takes advantage of the Salesforce platform and enables a real time accounting, social collaboration and analytics solution for small (10-200 employee) companies.

Together, then, the natural evolution was Sage People for Sage Live. The product edition was designed specifically for small businesses and integrated with Sage’s payroll and accounting, to provide an intuitive and integrated HR solution for small businesses where it was sorely needed.

What does your solution do? 

Sage People for Sage Live delivers a pre-integrated global, cloud-based HR, accounting and payroll solution that provides small and mid-sized companies with greater visibility, actionable insights and real time control over their costs, people and payroll.

Sage Live is all built on Salesforce, and was designed to enable small and mid-sized companies to better manage their business and HR functions.

It’s an easy to use and affordable solution that’s available on any device, anywhere and anytime – including desktops, laptops, smartphones and wearables.

Sage People for Sage Live offers almost everything a modern smaller enterprise needs to manage their people better and deliver great workforce experiences, integrated with accounting and payroll.

Crucially, it centralizes business functions, and provides a single place from which a CFO or manager can have total visibility across the business. Sage People for Sage Live also delivers real time accruals and up-to the minute reports, which allows issues to be picked up on as they are happening and responded to with rapidity, helping keep businesses responsive and agile.

The service provided by the software covers everything from team member records, payroll connectivity, employee self-service and internal communications, to comprehensive workforce reporting and analytics and configurable workflows and alerts, as well as providing multi language and multi-currency support.

How does Sage People & Sage help businesses run better? 

The ability to align key people management processes with accounting and payroll provides the significant advantage today’s companies need to remain agile, competitive and operate efficiently in a constantly changing world economy. Rather than relying on a mix of point solutions that fail to integrate and communicate, Sage People for Sage Live enables these functions to be combined seamlessly, allowing smaller companies to leverage their people data to improve business visibility, optimize associated costs and take timely action to course correct as necessary.

Small businesses today face numerous difficulties, and keeping track of the various costs involved with payroll and talent management is often one of their biggest challenges. With reliance on a mix of different systems and providers, key information is often scattered across disparate spreadsheets or in different applications that are not designed to work together. The result is that companies may struggle to access accurate information, and a great deal of time is spent on aggregating and reconciling data, which is even more difficult when operating in multiple countries. In addition, visibility and insights about business performance are usually available only one or twice a month, rather than in real time, creating risk because of a time lag that prevents immediate intervention and improvement.

Sage People for Sage Live alleviates these issues by combining the advanced people management software of Sage People with Sage Live, a real time integrated accounting solution, and Sage Payroll Services to create a single, unified approach to managing people, costs and payroll. Accessible anywhere, anytime, on any device, including wearables, the solution provides multi-language and multi-currency support that makes it ideal for multinational organizations.

Do you have any advice or tips for small and medium size companies? 

Moving to the cloud immediately reduces the need for small businesses to waste time and money on ageing systems, freeing up cash by reducing fixed costs in favour of variable costs.

SMEs struggling to run their companies with outdated on premise software, spreadsheets and multiple systems should evaluate a move to the cloud to reduce some of that complexity. For small companies with finite resources, focussing on unnecessary IT burdens results in excess costs and complications – problems which could be resolved by automating those processes with a solution like Sage Live.

If you’d like to know more about Sage People for Sage Live, visit us at the upcoming HR Technology Conference & Expo in Las Vegas for a live demonstration or take a look at the Sage Live Business Efficiency Calculator.

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