4 new tricks for engaging your people with Sage People’s Mirny release

Mai-Po Wan
Published on 1st September 2017
2 min read

It’s time for Mirny! At Sage People, our latest product release gives more visibility and control to your workforce.

Managers have more access to key recruitment tasks via self-service, so they can find the best talent more efficiently. HR teams can now build re-usable templates for performance reviews, whilst users have more flexibility when managing objectives and competency reviews. And further enhancements improve the way your employees consume information via self-service, such as having standard templates for internal communications.

Our product release notes provide more details, but here are some of the highlights:

  • Enhanced self-service control for hiring managers
  • Re-usable templates for performance reviews
  • Improved visibility of objectives and competency assessments
  • Internal communication templates

Enhanced self-service control for hiring managers

The Mirny release makes it easier for managers to manage vacancies that they are hiring for, at a time that suits them, with greater visibility of applications. Alongside this, they now have the ability to share candidate resumes with colleagues involved in the selection process. With the added ability to bulk-assess applications, this make the hiring process much more efficient, giving managers back precious time.

Re-usable templates for performance reviews

Building on the performance enhancements delivered in our previous Liemba release, Mirny allows you to create reusable performance review templates, complete with versioning control. This gives HR and managers better visibility and control, as well as a more efficient method for managing multiple performance reviews. You can also add attachments to reviews, and view these as part of the signing and approval processes.

Improved visibility of objectives and competency assessments

The Mirny release increases the range of permission settings for objectives, and includes new statuses for them, providing managers and employees with more flexibility around setting objectives. For competency assessments, there is now an option that enables managers to view other contributing assessments before completing their own. These additions create a more seamless user experience and stronger team alignment.

Internal communications templates

The Mirny release enables an easier and simpler way to incorporate social feeds into your internal communications. You now have the ability to create specific templates for common social feeds used in internal communications, such as Twitter and YouTube. This makes it easier for your administrators to get key internal communications channels up and running quickly and efficiently.

With these enhancements, the Mirny release makes it easier to hire, manage, develop and communicate with your people. By improving the experience for your workforce, they’ll feel empowered to do their very best work, achieving the productivity and performance that will drive your business forward.

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